Friday, April 24, 2015

His Defiant Princess by Kathleen O'Brien

Book Blurb:

Brenna Tinley has decided to move to the Unified Isles of Cornetta, a fairy-tale kingdom just south of France in the Bay of Biscay to escape the recent tragedies in her personal life. The happiest summer she can remember was spent there, in the arms of a handsome, tender rascal who disappeared without a goodbye when Autumn came…

As fate would have it, the Royal House of Vicenza has engaged Brenna Tinley to clear up a public relations mess. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for this small-town American girl, but there’s only one problem. Her new employer, HRH Prince Ronan, aka her mystery summer lover of long ago, seems determined to pick up where they left off. Can Brenna work in the royal palace and not end up with a brand new broken heart?

My Review:

His Defiant Princess by Kathleen O'Brien took me on a modern day fairy tale adventure!

I loved Kathleen's descriptions of Cornetta and could very easily picture the small island and the royal residence.   

The royal family is refreshingly modern and approachable which made me like the story even more.  Despite having broken Brenna's heart all those years ago, I really liked Prince Ronan as a hero.  I liked his story and how we got to know him so well as His Defiant Princess progressed.  Even though His Defiant Princess if fiction, it really makes you think about the life royalty is obliged to lead.  Ronan has never forgotten Brenna, but neither has he approached her, even with ample opportunity.  He thinks she's moved on well past him.  Brenna assumes Ronan is well over her too.  But the sparks that threaten to ignite when they finally meet up again prove otherwise!

Ronan and Brenna think they can never have a happily ever after together...he's royalty and she's a commoner from the US with a secret of her own.  I liked how they were together...a bit cautious, a bit hopeful, and a bit scared.  Brenna is determined to keep her distance and be professional around Ronan, but this might be a lost cause!  The only question is will she have her heart broken by him again?

I liked the mix Kathleen gives the plot.  The royal family and the issues they are facing, Brenna and Ronan with their past and present together and apart, and a few other secondary characters that really spice up the plot!  Kathleen blended it all well together and kept me entertained, hopeful, and envisioning princesses in my head.

For a well paced, sweet romantic read that will make your heart happy,  I'd recommend His Defiant Princess.

4/5 royal stars!

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