Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ten Days in Tuscany by Annie Seaton

Book Blurb:

One lie will ruin everything… 

Gia Carelli waits tables in her small Tuscan village, dreaming of a life in which her overbearing family allows her to move to Florence to pursue art. Everyone expects her to marry a nice local boy and raise a horde of bambini, but when a gorgeous, wealthy stranger visits, Gia wonders if maybe her stars are about to change. 

Nic Baldini has returned to his Tuscan Villa for a much-needed break from the responsibilities of his powerful family. Struck by local artist Gia Carelli's raw talent and passion, he finds himself wanting to help her...and lies about his identity in order to gain her trust. But as their patron-protegée relationship is quickly eclipsed by desire, Nic realizes that one tiny lie could cost him the woman he's falling for.

My Review:

Annie writes so vividly that she took me right to Tuscany in Ten Days in Tuscany.  I loved her descriptions of the place, the paint, and the people.

Gia and Nic are main characters who are both unhappy where they are in their lives, living how other people think they should.  After a chance meeting, they connect strongly, and a love of art is what initially brings them together, and a powerful chemistry makes it all the more fun.  Nic can see all the potential Gia has but that she can't see.  Spending time together brings them much closer together, and their whirlwind relationship is quick but believable.  I really liked Gia and could feel for her...wanting to please her family, but having her own desires too.   It is a fine balance to try to achieve both, and she just might have to start thinking of herself first.  Nic is a big help for Gia, he inspires her, makes her feel, and makes her believe in herself.  I liked how Nic and Gia gave each other strength...and I couldn't wait to see if they would both also find the courage to do what was right for them.   I wasn't as fond of Nic because I felt that he was keeping a secret that would hurt not only him, but Gia as well.  

I liked how Annie wrote in the family dynamics in Ten Days in Tuscany, and how this plays a big role in the plot.  I like how she wrote it, how it was dealt with, and how the family's ended up being.

Being who you need to be for yourself is difficult sometimes, but a bit easier when you have someone by you side.  Ten Days in Tuscany has is a great, flowing book and it was easy to stay in the here and now of the story!  I'd recommend Ten Days in Tuscany to any romance reader looking to be swept away in an artfully set romance!

4/5 stars

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