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Total Surrender (Sin Brothers #4) by Rebecca Zanetti

In Total Surrender (Sin Brothers #4) by Rebecca Zanetti, Jory is the youngest Dean brother who was raised in a compound as a 'soldier'.  They escaped 5 years ago, but since Jory was shot two years ago, none of his brothers know if he's dead or alive.  Held captive by 'The Commander', tested and taunted, Jory knows he needs to escape again and find his family.  He also knows he needs to find out how to deactivate a device that could soon kill all of the brothers.  With his special abilities and sheer determination, I thought if anyone could, it would be Jory.  But how?

Piper is an unexpected and dramatic addition to the plot of Total Surrender.  New to the compound, a bit naive and full of idealism, she is a computer programmer and hacker whose job it is to find the code to deactivate the devices.  Piper thinks she knows who she can trust, but does she really?  The Commander has her loyalty and has warned her about Jory.  Jory is all danger, but something about him still pulls at her.

Jory has no doubts in his mind who and what he is.  The way he was born and raised has brought him where he is today.  He has no illusions about love or happiness.  His only goal is to make sure his brothers survive.  So it is startling for Jory that Piper makes him feel something he's never felt before.  And friend or foe, she might be the only one who can help him.

There is a connection that can be felt through the pages between Jory and Piper.  Is he what she thinks or something else?  Despite what she has been told, she is drawn to Jory.  And despite what she wants to believe, doubts creep in.  A race against time, danger brings Jory and Piper together.  Will it be too late to explore what they feel?

In the words of Jory's brother..."Time doesn't mean a damn thing.  If you've got something good, fight for it."  And fight for everything they will.

I loved Total Surrender!  I've really been looking forward to this book and Rebecca did not disappoint me.  Jory and Piper are strong main characters.  There is conflict, tension, attraction, and danger surrounding them.  I really love Jory.  He just made me feel.  With everything his brothers and him have been through how he has turned out is amazing.  Rebecca writes his character so very well, and made me feel for him.  A mix of sadness and hope.  Reading from Jory's POV was so enlightening.  I loved getting in his head and knowing how he feels.  Piper is an interesting character!  At times she was a bit frustrating.  With the situation she suddenly finds herself in, her willingness to blindly trust 'The Commander' was understandable but maddening!  I felt like she had blinders on half the time.  I liked how her character developed though.  It wasn't fast, but at a slow, steady pace that was realistic.  Together the steam factor between Jory and Piper is amazing.

I loved the family connection that is felt through out all of the Sin Brothers books, and Total Surrender was no exception.  Rebecca obviously cares about the Dean brothers, and I did too.  Their journey of where they were, where they are today, and if all goes well what their future will hold really grabbed a hold of my mind and heart.  Rebecca also makes you think too...can stuff like this happen?  Who knows?  And it's a little frightening!

Total Surrender is action packed, thrilling, and heart stopping romantic suspense at it's best.  The pace is fast and with unexpected twists to the plot, the flow is smooth and intriguing!

Total Surrender is book four in this series and I would recommend reading the books in order to have a solid understanding of the characters and the story.  I love the continuation of the plot and characters between the books, without the frustration of cliff hangers.

I'd highly recommend Total Surrender and all of the Sin Brothers books by Rebecca Zanetti to all romantic suspense readers!

5/5 suspenseful stars!

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