Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Retribution by Katie Reus

Book Blurb:

She sees brief glimpses of the future…

Nika and Alena Brennan will do anything to kill a vicious Russian crime boss and they’re using his only son to get to him. Yet when the time comes to execute their plan, psychic Nika hesitates due to an unexpected entanglement with sexy security expert Declan Gallagher. When her sister is kidnapped and all their carefully laid plans go awry, Nika must depend on Declan and her mortal enemy’s son to get her sister back.

He invades her dreams and teases her with sensual pleasures…

As a dream walker, Declan is capable of seeing anyone’s innermost thoughts as they sleep. With Nika, however, he finds himself playing a deadly, seductive game. He knows she’s not who she says she is and he’s determined to find out the real reason she’s in Miami before she gets herself or someone else killed.

Time is running out…

Nika’s window of opportunity is closing to save her sister and find a way to protect their secrets without landing them both in jail. With innocent lives at stake, Nika must decide if the retribution she’s waited a lifetime for is worth losing the man who has won her heart.

My Review:

Katie Reus drew me in to Retribution with the unique plot of two females out for deadly revenge.  I couldn't wait to see what would happen!  There is a lot going on in Retribution, but a multi layered plot and Katie's smooth writing made Retribution easy to be absorbed into.

Nika and Alena are sisters seeking vengeance on a Russian mobster.  They have their secrets (many of them!) and have to tread very carefully.  I liked that Katie didn't give all the details about why Alena and Nika were doing what they were right away, instead she gives the pieces of their lives along the way...enough to satisfy me and keep me on edge.  I liked that I knew what they were doing, but the why was a mystery for a long time.  They are a very different pair, but stand together strongly, and I really felt for them.  I felt the sadness, the anger, the hurt...and I hoped they would find a way to move on from that.  Nika is the main heroine, but Alena is a very strong secondary heroine.  

Declan is former CIA who now has a private security firm.  Hired to protect a mobster's son, he also has an ulterior motive...  This puts him in direct contact with Alena and Nika.  Almost against his will, he is immediately drawn to Nika...what starts off as a dream soon turns into a startling reality for both of them.  Nika feels the pull to Declan also, but they both have a job to do.  The chemistry between them is very hot, but can they mix the personal and professional without risking everything else?  I liked these two together, the tension, the inner conflict and the danger kept things very interesting!  Declan is a strong, protective hero who I'd let protect me any day!

Andre is a strong secondary character who falls into a relationship of sorts with Alena...he'll do anything to keep her safe when danger threatens them all, but when all is said and done can he forgive the secrets?

Katie really gave us a good mix of characters in Retribution, from good to evil, all of whom strengthen the plot and keep things tense.  The mix of what Katie puts into the plot from a taste of the paranormal, to law enforcement, security, mobsters, romance and sizzle all blend well together for a fast paced, thrilling adventure.  There is just enough of everything to make things believable and have me thinking anything is possible.

I'm really hoping there will be a follow up book, but even if there is not I am felt very satisfied after reading Retribution.  I'd recommend Retribution to any romantic suspense reader who likes a sliver of paranormal mixed in.

4/5 stars

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