Friday, May 22, 2015

Bound to the Sheikh by Carol Marinelli

Book Blurb:

Sheikh Ashim Al Raquar, Crown Prince of Alzaquan, knows he must return to his country and leave his playboy reputation far behind him. It will be a wild journey home, though—he intends to party on his yacht right to the edge of the desert. And then he meets Emily, a corporate flight attendant who’s in the south of France hoping to find herself after years of taking care of her husband.

A sensual, charismatic lover with a reputed dark edge to his bedroom skills is the very last thing Emily needs.

Or is it the first?

My Review:

Bound To The Sheik by Carol Marinelli is a fast paced romance about two people from two very different lives.

It's time for Sheik Ashim to return to his country and his duties.  The past ten years haven't been all carefree, he's done a lot of good in that time too.  Duty calls however, and he is taking one last slow journey home, one last fling perhaps...  Emily is struggling to move on from a sad past, and a weekend in the Mediterranean with no cares might be just what she needs to refresh herself.  When Ashim and Emily meet the sparks fly and they spend the next couple of days entwined together...neither expecting anything more.  Unexpected feelings and unsaid words will make saying good bye difficult but does it have to be over?  Can they find a way to overcome the obstacles facing them?

I really enjoyed this novella.  As short and fast as it was, I felt that Emily was well developed, and her feelings were well explored.  I felt like I knew her, liked her, and felt for her.  I really wanted her to be able to have fun, feel desirable, and move on!  Ashim might just be the man to do that.  I liked him too.  Despite his playboy reputation, he has a good heart and a strong sense of duty...even if it differs a bit from his fathers.  I was interested to know if these two different people stood a chance, and Carol kept me intrigued.

I loved the Mediterranean setting, it in itself is so romantic!

I'd recommend Bound To The Sheik to any romance reader looking to get lost in a hot story for a few hours.

4/5 stars

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