Saturday, May 16, 2015

Count Your Blessings (Curl Up and Dye .05) by Sharon Sala

In Count Your Blessings (formerly Color Me Bad) we are introduced to a group of women in Blessings, a small town in Georgia. Curl Up and Dye is the hair salon in Blessings, run by 4 women. It is a hub of activity, change, and friendship. It is in Curl Up and Dye that customer Patty finally admits to herself the direction her life is taking and the changes she's going to have to make. She's suspected her husband, the preacher, is having an affair ... and it is in Curl Up and Dye that she confronts not only this reality, but the other woman!

This sets in motion change and new beginnings for not only Patty, but many of the women in Blessings. When Patty takes charge of her life and her future, she is at first ostracized, but soon admired. But her acceptance and friendship from the ladie's in Curl Up and Dye is never changing.

Sharon Sala gives us a fast paced, witty novella with Count Your Blessings. Count Your Blessings is a novella about change, hope and new beginnings. Patty demonstrates well that you can either curl up and cry, or move on to greater adventures when your life takes an unexpected turn. Patty unexpectedly turns out to be someone others can learn from...ok, not from everything she did, but who wouldn't want to do what she did if given the opportunity?

4/5 stars

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