Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pursued by the Rogue by Kelly Hunter

Book Blurb:

A no-strings affair between two dedicated professionals? It should have been the perfect solution.

Ugly duckling Dawn Turner doesn’t do relationships. She has her reasons and they’re good ones. But she can’t resist the magic in Finbar Sullivan’s touch, so she negotiates the next best thing with him. Scorchingly perfect, utterly casual sex.

World class musician Finnbar Sullivan always pushes the limits to get what he wants, and he wants Dawn. All of her. Love, commitment and a future together. So he reneges on the deal and composes a new one.

So what’s stopping her? And will Finn’s latest offer be enough to change Dawn’s mind?

My Review:

Pursued By The Rogue starts off with a fairy tale feel, but quickly evolves into a deep story all about second chances.  Not only in love, but in friendships, family, and life.  Kelly writes a strong, emotional story, building multiple layers into the plot, then slowly peeling them away.

Dawn (the 'ugly duckling') is brilliant and driven in her career, but inside she's never felt good enough or pretty enough for anyone.  She keeps as far away from relationships as possible, even if she does enjoy sex.  When she reunites with her friends and her first love, first everything Finn, the sparks are still there.  Both of them can feel a connection.  Finn sees nothing but beauty and goodness when he looks at Dawn, and he is drawn to her even after all these years.  But Dawn has made herself clear - sex is good, but no emotional involvement.  Easy going Finn wants so much more with Dawn though...can he convince her to break her rules for him?  To start to live life to the fullest?

I really liked Dawn and Finn.  I felt way more connected to Dawn, because this is really her story.  Kelly brought a lot of real issues into Pursued By The Rogue, and really made me feel for these two as they struggle through issues that threaten to keep them apart.  I liked how Finn was with Dawn, how he really did pursue her!

I enjoyed the secondary characters.  Dawn's mother and aunt play a significant role even if we don't see a lot of them.  And I am really looking forward to Dawn's friends stories in the next books in this series.  

I'd recommend Pursued By The Rogue to any romance reader!

4/5 stars

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