Monday, June 1, 2015

Review: A Deal with the Devil by Louisa George

Book Blurb:

When the only thing worth fighting for is love …

There are two things ex-boxer and casino tycoon Rey Doyle is an expert in: fighting and gambling. He trusts no-one, but he needs a fiancé to help seal a business deal and part-time casino waitress Kate Wilkinson agrees to the pretense.

Kate is on a mission to expose Rey Doyle for the pitiless criminal he is, but the more she learns about Rey and his past, the more she begins to admire the man. When the chance to bring him down arrives will she take it? Or will this bad boy claim her heart instead?

My Review:

I enjoyed my escape into Kate and Rey's world!  Although the situation might not be realistic for most of us, it was fun to read about, and the feelings and emotions were very real!

Kate's protectiveness towards her brother is believable, and how she reacts to his situation is believable.  She loses a bit of perspective because she is so determined to seek revenge...but she ends up finding so much more than she anticipated!

I really liked Rey.  His hot exterior hides a depth that few know.  He works hard, I liked his story and what he was trying to do.  I felt like Louisa let me get to know him very well.  Kate and Rey are both attracted to each other, but reluctantly so for very different reasons.  How they were together was both entertaining, hopeful, hot, and heart warming.  But could it last?  Kate's hiding something big from Rey, and will she use what she finds out against him despite how she feels emotionally towards him?  Both of them show a lot of character growth in this short novella, I just liked how they were and what they discovered meant to each other.

Kate's brother is a secondary character we see just enough of... he is the whole reason for A Deal With The Devil.

I'd recommend A Deal With The Devil to any romance reader looking for a well paced, easy to read romance.

4/5 stars

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