Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Review: The Silver Crescent by Debby Grahl

Book Blurb:

Betrayal, murder and a stolen fortune bring Elise Baxter to Cedar Bend, Michigan, on a quest to solve a family mystery—and recover the missing treasure.

Max Holt impulsively buys a crumbling Victorian mansion and fulfills his dream of restoring it as a restaurant and inn. Aware of its reputation for being haunted, he adds to the mystique by building a garden path of old tombstones, one of which belongs to the original owner of the house, Cyrus Mosby—the man whose legacy Elise has traced, and who allegedly stole her ancestral share of a Colorado silver mine over a century ago.

Following clues gleaned from old diaries and a visit from the spirit of her great-great-grandmother, Elise seeks out Max and his inn. Not knowing if she can trust Max with her family secret, Elise pretends her interest is in researching Cyrus, whose own violent death remains a mystery.

An intense attraction between Max and Elise leads him to believe she may be the girl of his dreams. But when he discovers her true interest in him and his inn, memories of a past betrayal threaten to end their passionate relationship. Elise, finding herself falling in love with Max, fears her deception may cost her more than she is willing to lose.

Once persuaded the stolen silver is hidden somewhere in the inn, and captivated by the idea of a treasure hunt, Max and Elise begin the search together, aided by the resident ghosts, Cyrus and Virginia.

The treasure hunt seems like a harmless adventure until someone tries to steal the diaries. Unknown to Max and Elise, there are others—including an evil presence—who are driven by greed and will stop at nothing to unlock the mystery of the Silver Crescent.

My Review:

I loved the paranormal aspect of The Silver Crescent.  It's what drew me to this's just the kind I like...not over the top unbelievable for me, but remotely possible!  Just maybe there are ghosts all around us that we just can't see.  Debby used this concept well to pull me in and hook me in The Silver Crescent!

Debby writes a well blended plot about romance, ghosts, and a decades old unsolved mystery.  She pulls it all together well and each is very relevant to the other.  The spirits have a story to tell and a mystery they've waited a long time to help solve.  They've been waiting for the right people to come along.  Max is finally doing what he's always wanted to do in a mansion that seemed to call to him as soon as he saw it.  Elsie is trying to right a wrong from the past, and Max unknowing might play a big part in that.  From a first meeting that did not leave a good impression, to a romance that has each of them falling fast and hard, they work together to solve a mystery.  Elsie still has secrets though, secrets that might destroy what her and Max have found as a couple before they can find what was hidden in the past and put the spirits to rest.  

Max and Elsie were not perfect people, and this made them into people I could imagine anywhere.  Elsie has secrets, Max is over bearing, but the connection between them is easy to feel, and I enjoyed the progression of their relationship.

There is good vs evil in both the spirit world and the living of the present day...and all of them are making their presence known.  There are quite a few living secondary characters too who all have a lot to add to the plot in a relevant way.  I really, really enjoyed Oliver!!!  He just might have been my favorite character!

Debby took me on a haunting, heart felt journey through the pages of The Silver Crescent.  I liked how Max and Elsie met and the events that occurred afterwards took me through a modern day romance with a look to the past and how it impacts their lives today.

The Silver Crescent is well paced and easy to follow.  I really enjoyed the quotes Debby used at the beginning of each chapter, they fit really well with the plot.

I'd recommend The Silver Crescent to any romance reader who likes some mystery and paranormal in the mix!  I will definitely be reading more of Debby's books!

4/5 stars

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