Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Taming the Beast by Lucy King

Book Blurb:

Once upon a time, Mercedes ‘Mercy’ Hernandez had the most enormous crush on her best friend’s older brother, Seb Madison. Now, though, she can’t stand the beast. Forget that he’s as spine-tinglingly gorgeous as ever. He’s a lousy brother and a manipulative bastard, not that she ever thinks about that disastrous one night stand they once had…

Still riddled with guilt over the death of his parents, billionaire loner Seb Madison has spent so long emotionally shut off that when beautiful, fiery Mercy bursts into his life again, he doesn’t know what’s hit him. All he knows is that she confuses him and he doesn’t like it.

Yet their chemistry hasn’t faded and, when hostility turns to attraction, a no-strings affair seems the logical solution. Mercy’s taking a much needed break from her family’s Argentinian vineyard to study for an MBA and Seb doesn’t do relationships. Neither have either the time or inclination for anything other than weekends-only red-hot sex. Or do they…?

My Review:

Seb is the Beast in Taming the Beast, and Mercy might or might not be the one to tame him...

Seb built a fortress around his heart and emotions when his parents died in the same accident he was injured from.  That fortress seems impenetrable, not even his younger sister can get in.  Until Mercy, his sisters friend, starts to try to crack through the walls.  With a heat that sizzles between them and an attraction they claim is only physical, weekends spent in bed together seem to be the perfect solution to both of their needs.  No caring, no conversation, no emotions.  But can they keep it at just that and stay happy?  Mercy is not someone who fades into the background, and Seb can't offer her anything more than sex.  Can he?

I loved the push and pull of the feelings these two bring out in each other, and I enjoyed the journey they embark on in Taming The Beast.  Seb has some serious issues, and he has a lot of inner conflict and tension inside of himself that he not only doesn't let others see, but that he doesn't deal with either.  In this quick novella Lucy manages to smoothly pack a lot of background and emotion, so that it is easy to know what is going on.  I liked that there isn't a long, drawn out history, it makes the impact of the present day story more powerful.  I liked who Mercy was, and how she was with Seb.  I liked her as a heroine, not only for that but for who she was and the places she was going in her life.  Both of these characters are strong in their own ways, and stubborn!  I saw a lot of positive character growth in Seb as Taming The Beast unfolded, and it was an emotional journey.

It was fun reading the dual POV, and I enjoyed the follow up with Mercy's girl friends.  They are an integral part of this series!

I really felt involved in Seb and Mercy's story and would recommend this romance to any romance reader.

4/5 stars

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