Sunday, July 12, 2015

His Kiss by Jolyse Barnett

Book Blurb:

After a motorcycle accident and subsequent alcohol abuse, Jeremy Engel has managed to claw his way back from the dark depths of personal hell. He’s now a successful comic book author and working on his second book, and when the woman he met while on a rare getaway—the one he hasn’t been able to forget—opens a shop in his neck of the woods, he thinks he’s even learned to trust and hope again.

Elizabeth Desmond may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she’s determined to make a success of her shop in the Adirondack tourist town of Lake Placid. And just when she thinks it can’t get any better, the mysterious stranger she kissed on a moonlit resort beach walks back into her life.

But when Jeremy’s old demons return, it’s up to Elizabeth to show him they’re not so different after all…

My Review:

In His Kiss, Jolyse Barnett introduces a hero and heroine who are dealing with very real life issues, and I felt that Jolyse explored these issues fairly well. Elizabeth and Jeremy to all appearances are very different, from very different backgrounds, but they may have more in common that it appears. I liked how they met and the instant attraction, it was very romantic! Despite that, Elizabeth is a good girl and doesn't let things go anywhere that night. Not expecting to see the other again, neither really forgets anyway, and when they do meet up, it is a slow build up of a relationship that will have a lot of bumps in the road to navigate.

I liked the chemistry between them, but I felt that the secrets each held onto were too slow to come out. At times the pace was a bit slow for me. Jeremy is not your typical hero, which makes him interesting in a unique way. While he is dealing with issues, a big part of him is stuck in the past and he hasn't really moved on. He lets a past experience still have a lot of power over him, how he feels, and how he lives his life. It was sad as much as it was frustrating. His character was really up and down for me...sometimes showing great maturity, and other times not quite very much at all. Elizabeth has her own issues that color her present, and she is slow to reveal all also. Some of that I understood, other times I didn't. There was a fair bit of angst and inner turmoil in His Kiss, and if you like that in a romance you will really enjoy His Kiss.

I liked the mix of secondary characters in His Kiss and the family dynamics!

I thought both of the main characters had very strong characteristics when it didn't come to relationships. They both work hard, and are very driven.

I'd recommend His Kiss to romance readers who enjoy a rocky past and a hopeful future.

3/5 stars

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