Friday, August 28, 2015

Review: Pursued by the Devil (International Bad Boys) by Carole Mortimer

Book Blurb:

Mikhail Lysenko, a tall, dark, and deadly corporate shark, is buying up ailing companies during the financial crisis worldwide, cherry-picking the best parts, and disposing of the dead wood.

Lindsay Carlisle is a sexy, long-legged, ruthless lawyer whose client is determined to hold out against a Lysenko take-over.

And when Mikhail’s laser business focus hones in on Lindsay and becomes personal, very personal, she doesn't know whether his interest is genuine or a means of undermining her client's case. Regardless, there's no way she’s going to be added to the list of women who’ve jumped into the sexy millionaire’s bed. Trying to resist Mikhail and keep work her priority is more than enough to deal with, but then someone begins anonymously sending Lindsay roses… black roses. As a love token? Or something more sinister? She may have to run into Mikail’s arms and allow him to save her from her secret admirer...

My Review:

Pursued By The Devil by Carole Mortimer is a fast paced, steamy hot read.

Mikail is rich, strong willed, and very alpha. He's used to getting what he wants, and he wants Lindsay. At first I found him a little too forceful, not accepting Lindsay's rejection of him. However, it is very clear that Lindsay wants Mikhail as much as he wants her. She is conflicted between personal and professional though, and it is a struggle for her to accept the intense feelings that flow between her and Mikhail.

Lindsay is a strong heroine who tries to deny her inner wants, but she can only resist for so long. Things heat up to scorching between Lindsay and Mikhail very, very quickly. At the same time someone unknown is causing Lindsay unease. This makes Mikhail even more protective and determined to keep Lindsay safe...with him.

Pursued By The Devil is a whirlwind of passion, heat, and a touch of mystery. Carole sucked me in and in a short time made me care for these characters. I really liked how she worked in Mikhail's background, and the secrets he hides. I liked how Mikhail's character grew from hard work and determination. Carole managed to make a man who could have been easy to dislike very likable and real with the reveal of his inner self and feelings. While the speed of their relationship was a bit surreal, the characters themselves felt real and this held them up well through the pace of Pursued By the Devil.

Easy to read and escape into, I'd recommend Pursued By The Devil to any romance reader who likes things hot.

3.5/5 stars

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