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Review: Her SEALed Fate (Sutton Capital #7) by Lori Ryan

Book Blurb:

He thought he left the battlefield behind. 

Logan Stone should be happy. More than happy, in fact. He’s Sutton Capital’s newest executive, working side-by-side with Samantha Page, the sexy, brilliant woman of his dreams. He’s no longer overseas in the line of fire fighting for his country and his brothers-in-arms as a Navy SEAL. But Logan is fighting a different kind of battle; one no one realizes he’s in. While he’s focused on managing his PTSD, something much more sinister enters his world and he must battle to save Samantha’s life and their growing love. 

With all the heart stopping action and heartwarming romance NY Times bestselling author Lori Ryan has come to be known for, this stand-alone installment to the Sutton Capital Series won’t disappoint romantic suspense readers and fans!

My Review:

Her SEALed Fate by Lori Ryan is a powerful romantic suspense that captured my heart and made me feel like few books can.  I loved Sam and Logan's story.  It's one of those books that will stay with me for a long time.

Sam is a computer expert working for Sutton Capital.  Although she is smart and thoughtful, she has no idea of her beauty and lacks self confidence outside of work.  When Logan a former Navy SEAL joins Sutton Capital, he will be working closely with Sam.  For both of them there is an instantaneous attraction, but Logan is not at a place in his life where he can even contemplate a relationship.  Logan had a difficult childhood, and now suffering from PTSD after his SEAL life, he is working hard to over come this.  He doesn't know if he'll ever feel ready or safe enough to be with anyone.  Sam and Logan do become close though.  Sam sees inside Logan, she likes what she sees, and she will be there for him.  With a little push, Logan starts to slowly gain some footing in his life again and starts to feel good again.  But an unexpected threat and danger to Sam threatens to take not only her away, but what Logan felt like he was finally moving on from.  Danger brings out the best, and the worst...Can Sam find the source of danger and stop it or will it be too late for either of them?

Sam and Logan are so good together.  The chemistry between them is unmistakable, they are so good for each other in so many ways, and it felt like this is a couple who are just meant to be together.  I liked how they were with each other.  I liked how Sam was with Logan, how she understood and she pushed when she had to.  She wasn't scared of him, she was scared for him.  He meant enough that she would wait for him, even though to Sam he is already whole, she knows he's hurting and suffering.  I loved Sam.  She is a unique character who felt real to me (I can easily think of people in my life who might be like her).  

As much as Her SEALed Fate is a romantic suspense, it is just as much, if not more so about Logan.  His past, his present, his future.  Lori's research on Logan's character and PTSD is obvious and shines through, making Logan a believable man.  The struggles he has gone through in the past, the struggles he goes through now tore at my heart.  Seeing how he coped, what he did, how he tried to overcome was such an emotional, heart wrenching experience for me.  I felt a lot of hope for Logan as he took this healing journey.  The danger that he and Sam face is a lot for Logan and a possible relationship, and he tries to back away.  I liked what Lori did here in the story, if possible she just made me feel even more.  There is no quick, easy fix and she demonstrated well what was happening in Logan's head as well as for Sam.

The suspenseful part of the plot is well done.  I liked that as the reader I knew what was going on, but the characters obviously did not know!  This gave the bit of edge that steals your breath at times.

There is so much woven seamlessly into the plot of Her SEALed Fate and Lori brought it all vividly to life.  She kept me turning the pages with a perfect pace.  Nothing felt rushed, just right.  Her SEALed Fate is very well written, easy to follow, and well researched.  A cast of secondary characters who fit in well and are meant to be here at this time complement Logan and  Sam's story expertly.  I really liked Sam's family!  I liked the family dynamics around Logan and his father and how this was explored.  The Sutton's are a great group of people, people I'd happily have as friends.

There was nothing I didn't like about Her SEALed Fate, and no review I write could do it justice.  It was one of the best books I've read in a long time.  Lori gives us it all in Her SEALed Fate...pain, healing, hope, humor, romance, just enough heat at the right time, danger, suspense, fear, love, and so much more.   My heart felt so full of a mix of everything!

Part of the Sutton Capital series, Her SEALed Fate can easily be read as a stand alone.   I would highly recommend Her SEALed Fate to any reader who is looking for a fantastic book that will take you away then leave you feeling undone when it's all over.  In the best possible way.

5/5 Super Stars!!

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