Friday, September 4, 2015

Review: Small Town Secrets by Roxanne Snopek (Secrets of Cherry Lake book 0)

Book Blurb:

The graduating class of Cherry Lake High School is celebrating their freedom with the traditional camp-out in the Jackson Cherry Orchard on the banks of Flathead Lake, Montana. Among the revelers are four cousins, the grandchildren of town founder and patriarch Nate Jackson, a man who knows first-hand how a life can change on grad night and the personal sacrifices that may be necessary months later. 

Joining him on his annual vigil as twilight descends is Pansy Oppenheimer, a free spirit, who left Cherry Lake after graduation to wander the world. She mysteriously returns years later when Nate needs her friendship the most. As they keep watch at the edge of the orchard, they reminisce about their lives and choices; none of them easy, but all of them necessary. Nate and Pansy feel that they are guardians of the town, its children and keepers of their secrets. 

Little does anyone know that they harbor a secret of their own… 

My Review:

Small Town Secrets by Roxanne Snopek introduces what promises to be a great series - Secrets of Cherry Lake.  Small Town Secrets is a story in itself, while leaving enough of an opening for more stories from Cherry Lake and the people who live there.

Small Town Secrets is Pansy and Nate's story, and Roxanne immediately drew me into a fun, reminiscing setting.  I loved how this story was told, going back and forth in time to give the characters clear definition.  Roxanne did this in just the right way to make things flow smoothly, and she gave us the glimpses of the past at just the right time in the present day story.  I felt like I got to know Pansy and Nate, and how it was for their young, forbidden relationship, how it led to their present day circumstances.  I enjoyed being drawn into their lives this way.

I could feel the love between Pansy and Nate, but I could also feel the conflict and tension they felt in their young lives, especially in a small town where everyone thinks they know your business.  As they come together again as adults, it was interesting to see how well they still related to each other after years apart.  There were regrets, secrets, and yet there was hope.  I was intrigued to see how they would reconnect and what this would mean for them.

There were a lot of secondary characters and mentions of secondary characters in the beginning of the book, and while I understand that this is necessary to set a series out, it was a little overwhelming and confusing at first.

With bittersweet feelings and great anticipation of what's to come next in Cherry Lake, I'd recommend Small Town Secrets to any romance reader looking for a quick, strong story to jump into for a few hours!

4/5 stars

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