Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review: Snowflake Bay (The Brides of Blueberry Cove #2) by Donna Kauffman

Book Blurb:

There’s no place like seaside Blueberry Cove, Maine, at Christmas—and there’s nothing like a wedding, the warmth of the holidays, and an old crush, to create the perfect new start…

Interior designer Fiona McCrae has left fast-paced Manhattan to move back home to peaceful Blueberry Cove. But she’s barely arrived before she’s hooked into planning her big sister Hannah’s Christmas wedding—in less than seven weeks. The last thing she needs is for her first love, Ben Campbell, to return to neighboring Snowflake Bay…

As kids, Fiona was the bratty little sister Ben mercilessly teased—while pining after Hannah. But Fi never once thought of Ben like a brother. And that hasn’t changed. Except Fi is all grown up. Will Ben notice her now? More importantly, with her life in a jumble, should he? Or might the romance of the occasion, the spirit of the season, and the gifts of time ignite a long-held flame for many Christmases to come…

Something old might just become something new…

Includes a DIY wedding project!

My Review:

I really enjoyed being back in Blueberry Cove in Snowflake Bay by Donna Kauffman.  It is a place I'd love to be, and Donna's descriptive writing makes it easy to envision and easy to feel the cold winter weather!

Fiona is back in her home town of Blueberry Cove to start her business fresh, and do what she wants to do.  As she tries to settle in, she is also planning her sister's Christmas wedding.  Fiona is busy, and the last person she expects to run into again is Ben, her brother's friend.  The person she always secretly loved.  He is an unexpected complication in her new life, because some feelings really don't go away!

Ben is back in Blueberry Cove temporarily.  He has family issues and a family business to deal with, and is definitely not looking for any other complications!  Suddenly though the Fiona he's always thought of as just his friends little sister is looking like so much more.  They have a history of teasing and name calling, haven't seen each other for a long time, and these new feelings are ruling Ben's mind.

As they both struggle with issues past and present, a new kind of relationship starts to form.  With angst, family interference, and the chance of a future so remote, will they take that leap of faith and take a chance on each other?

Watching Ben and Fiona together as adults was an interesting journey.  I liked that they already knew each other, and they have more in common in the present day than they think.  Both of them are dealing with big life changes and uncertainties.  I really liked both of these characters. They are both strong, independent, and caring.  I liked learning about who they were and their current circumstances, their feelings, and how they were each trying to cope with such big, real life issues.  I will be honest and say that I found it a bit much that there seemed to be a lot of fixation on elements of their past relationship as young teenagers, and I felt like parts of this got blown way out of proportion and took over too much of the story of Ben and Fiona.  This was a bit distracting and I felt like it took away from the adults they are now.  However once this was put more on the back burner, the plot was easier to fall back into and enjoy their journey to the future, what ever it might hold.

I really liked Fiona's family, I felt like they really showed strength, loyalty, and love.  They made me want to be part of this family!  They are all very much a part of Fiona and Ben's story, and I liked how these characters are woven into the plot.  They are all strong secondary characters and I can't wait to read more about Fiona's sister Kerry!

Snowflake Bay is well paced and Donna's writing is smooth and easy to read.  Not a typical Christmas book, Snowflake Bay is a great winter time read to curl up with that I'd recommend to any romance reader.

3/5 stars

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