Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review: Barefoot With a Stranger by Roxanne St. Claire

Book Blurb:

Francesca Rossi might be the youngest in a long line of badass siblings, but this computer whiz would rather hack a database than pack a pistol for the family business in Barefoot Bay. When an assignment forces her out of her comfort zone and into the field, Chessie decides to amp up the excitement quotient and has her first one night stand with a sexy stranger she’ll never see again.

Former CIA agent Malcolm Harris is fresh out of prison for a crime he didn’t commit, and knows the government is watching his every move, waiting for him to slip up. But the only mistake he makes is to assume the sexy, sassy woman he seduces on the way to Barefoot Bay is a spy. He learns too late that the beauty he’s bedded is really his best friend’s sister…and his undercover partner on a risky mission.

Chessie and Mal have to stay one step ahead of the CIA, navigate their way through a perilous country, and fight the insane chemistry that sizzles between them. It doesn’t take long for this hacker and spy to discover the power of their unplanned partnership…and learn that falling in love might be the riskiest business of all.

My Review:

Barefoot With a Stranger is a fast paced adventure that takes the reader out of Barefoot Bay and to Cuba. I really enjoyed this change of location for this new Barefoot Bay read by Roxanne St. Claire. With vivid descriptions it was easy to picture this part of Cuba that tourists do not see.

After what was supposed to be a one night stand while stranded by weather on the way to see her brother Gabe, Chessie finds out Mal is a friend of Gabe's...and he has plans for them to work closely together. Chessie works for the family security business, and her comfort zone is behind a computer. She's about to be sent way out of her comfort zone in more ways than one! Mal is former CIA and an ex-convict. There are many layers buried below his surface though, and taking all kinds of risks he heads to Cuba undercover with Chessie on an assignment neither of them expected. As they try to find answers, the chemistry between them heats up. They might find more than one answer in Cuba...or will they?

I loved Chessie and Mal! I liked how things started out with them, his assumptions, and where they went from there. That was highly entertaining! I liked how they were after finding out they'd be working together. Naturally there is some tension but I liked how they worked through this and the adventure it took them on. I couldn't wait to see how things would turn out for them and how they'd get there. Roxanne St. Claire kept me immersed in their tale. Their characters were well defined and fit together well despite their differences.

I really like that there are some complex sub plots woven into the main plot. This made Barefoot With a Stranger multi-dimensional, and hard to guess what would happen next. While not a cliffhanger by any means, Roxanne St. Claire leaves enough of a mystery to easily flow into a follow up book - which I can't wait for!

I'd recommend Barefoot With a Stranger to any romantic suspense reader!

4/5 stars

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