Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Review: Kakadu Sunset by Annie Seaton

Book Blurb:

In the ancient lands of Kakadu, it's not just the crocodiles you should be afraid of...

Helicopter pilot Ellie Porter loves her job. Soaring above the glorious Kakadu National Park, she feels freed from the heavy losses of her beloved family farm and the questions around her father's suicide. But when a search-and-rescue mission on the boundary of the older property reveals unusual excavation works, Ellie vows to investigate.

The last thing she needs is her bad-tempered co-pilot, Kane McClaren, interfering. The son of the current owners of the farm, her attraction to him is a distraction she can't afford, especially when someone threatens to put a stop to her inquiries - by any means necessary.

Ellie will have to trust Kane if she is to have any hope of uncovering the truth of what is really going on. Between Ellie's damage and Kane's secrets, can they find a way to open up to each other before the shadowy forces shut her up...for good?

My Review:

Kakadu Sunset by Annie Seaton is an intricate, complex yet easy to follow story with deep characters.  Annie blends together very well intriguing elements of both romance and suspense in Kakadu Sunset, with the suspenseful story line leading the way.  I liked that Kakadu Sunset was a multi focal story and that all the pieces fit together so well.  I felt like I got a bit of everything in Kakadu Sunset...from corruption, modern day environmental issues, relationships, an evil bully, danger, sadness, and at the same time the peaceful feeling of love and caring.

For Ellie, Kakadu is home and always will be.  For Kane, it's a for now home, and he doesn't know what the future will hold.  These two are unexpectedly drawn together and make a strong hero and heroine.  I liked seeing them get to know each other.  I liked that there was a not a lot of overblown drama between them.  They felt like mature characters who could be people I know.  The situation they find themselves in is unexpected, and their journey is both thrillingly scary at times, and so touching at other times.  I like how Annie wove all of this together into a believable plot.  The secondary characters are all a necessary part of the story line and they add a lot of depth to Kakadu Sunset.

I love, loved the descriptions of the land that Annie writes.  She took me right there...it was a place easy to visualize and feel.

With a great pace and smooth writing that was easy to become absorbed in, I really enjoyed reading Kakadu Sunset and for a brief time becoming part of the place!  I'd recommend Kakadu Sunset to any romantic suspense reader.

4/5 stars

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