Thursday, February 4, 2016

Review: Rules of Love & Murder (Love & Murder Book 2) by Edie Ramer

Book Blurb:

Some days life is wonderful. Other days it’s murder. 

Former Marine August Reyes is home for good, haunted by images of bloodshed. He meets up again with Elle Styles, the girl he's never been able to forget.  
When August was eight and Elle was six, she changed his and his mother's lives before she and her widowed mother left the Wisconsin vacation town. Twenty-two years later, she's returned to Trouble Bay with her four-year-old daughter, but they’re only staying for six weeks. Elle and August are different people now. He sees life through darkness, and she sees it through light. And light and dark don’t mix well. 
Someone else was changed by Elle when she was young. A woman who lives by her own rules. Rule Nr. Two—Don’t let anyone cheat you—is in play now. And this might lead to Rule Nr. Three: Don’t kill anyone ... unless killing is necessary. 
The town of Trouble Bay is about to live up to its name. Life there can be murder... Even when you’re falling in love. 

My Review:

I loved how Edie Ramer starts out Rules of Love and Murder with the story of how August and Elle first met.  It was so touching and feeling, it was a great way to take me to where they are today.  I really felt like I knew Elle and August from the beginning, and to go to where they are today was an easy transition.

Rules of Love and Murder is very intriguing, and very unexpected.  What I thought might happen for some parts of the plot didn't, and what I hoped would happen for some parts of the plot slowly made progress.  I really enjoyed how this story was written, so you never really knew what would happen.  August and Elle are strong main characters.  I liked that they knew each other from before and had a past together. They are the same but also different, and what brings them to where they are today and together is an intriguing plot line!!

There are strong secondary characters in Rules of Love and Murder...many we've seen in the first book in this series.  However, they are on the periphery enough in this book to make Rules of Love and Murder a strong stand alone.  The small town, the characters with secrets no one knows, the unexpected happenings, suspense, and a chance at love kept me glued to the pages!

Rules of Love and Murder has great flow, smooth writing, and reminds you you never really know what's going on even in small towns!  Rules of Love and Murder can easily be read as a stand alone, and I'd recommend it to any romance reader looking for suspense and a story that takes you on an unexpected path!

4/5 stars

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