Sunday, February 21, 2016

Review: Winter's Wonder (Pine Point #2) by Allie Boniface

Book Blurb:

Pine Point hasn’t changed much in the eight years Zane Andrews has been away. But Zane sure has. These days, this reformed bad boy has no problem resisting the bored housewives who flirt shamelessly with their gated community’s security guard.

The only thorn in his side is the stray dog that keeps overturning the neighborhood’s garbage cans, and the cute, crusading do-gooder who barks at him for trying to chase it off.

Becca Ericksen knows Zane is just doing his job, but his tactics are making her job—to rescue strays and bring them to Pine Point Paws—much harder. Clearly, they have nothing in common, yet when the legendary playboy asks her out, she finds herself saying yes.

With a sizzling kiss, something warm and unexpected begins to grow between them. Opposites can attract, but is attraction enough?

Warning: Contains a bad boy gone good, and a woman who’s one good deed away from disaster. Cold noses and warm kisses—and that’s just from the canines.

My Review:

Winter's Wonder by Allie Boniface is a sweet, fast paced romance with characters who feel like people I could know.  An unexpected attraction of opposites sets this story in motion.  

I liked Zane and Becca a lot as a hero and heroine.  I liked that there was the instant attraction, but neither of them actually acted on it right away.  Becca has a lot going on in her life, and a relationship is not in the near future as she sees it for herself.  Zane doesn't give up easily though!  I liked that it wasn't as easy as Zane would have liked to have anything with Becca.  There were times when I wondered if he'd give up!

Zane and Becca have a good connection, even if at times it seems sporadic.  This made them believable, and I found myself hoping they could find a way to fit into each others lives.

I loved the wintry feeling of Winter's Wonder and I especially like all the animals!

Well paced and a feel good read, I'd recommend Winter's Wonder to any romance reader.  

4/5 stars

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