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Review: Reunion Pass (Eternity Springs #11) by Emily March

Book Blurb:


Six years ago, Chase Timberlake bought an engagement ring for his high school sweetheart Lori Reese. Then ... life happened. Chase's adventure photography career took off, Lori's dream of getting into veterinary school came true, and their happily ever after never came to pass.

When Chase's jet-setting life takes a tragic turn, he returns to Eternity Springs a damaged man. Who better to help mend his spirit than the woman who has dedicated her life to healing broken wings? Long summer days spent together rekindles the love that never died and Chase dares to dream of a future he'd thought lost. But Lori can't help but wonder whether this high-flying man really wants a small-town girl with roots sunk deep into the Colorado Rockies. Can she and Chase turn back the hands of time and pick up where they left off -- and give forever a chance?

My Review:

Reunion Pass by Emily March was an emotional, heart felt book that I really enjoyed.  What starts out as a second chance romance evolves into so much more with an intricate, multi layered plot with believable characters who worked their way into my heart and mind.  There is tragedy, struggle, hope, and love all woven expertly  into Reunion Pass.

Lori and Case were a couple in the past.  They were young, going in different directions in their lives, and it just didn't work out at the time.  Even now it might not work out.  The feelings and emotions are still there for both of them, but there are a lot of other things going on in their lives, from Chase's fiancee, to a horrifying event he can't move on from, and unresolved feelings between Lori and Chase.  These characters are mature though, and this shines through.  There is no angst, just life moving on for Lori and Chase, wondering what will become of it, and if Chase can claw his way out of the hole of grief and anger he's in.  We have seen glimpses of Lori and Chase in other Eternity Springs books, and it was so nice to get to know them in the present, as adults with life experiences.  I really liked both of these characters and the build up, rocky road of this new relationship that may or may not work.  I liked that neither of them tried to push the other into anything, although Chase did his best to push Lori away.  Soon he finds out that Lori seems to be the only one who can help him, make him feel even remotely whole again.  Lori just seems to know what Chase needs, and what to do to help him.  The journey Chase and Lori are on is a very emotional one!

I liked being back in Eternity Springs and seeing the characters from other books in this series.  Reunion Pass is completely Lori and Chase's story, but previous characters are woven in and significant to the plot.  I especially liked seeing Celeste again (I'd love to read her story!)...she is the characters that has a strong presence in all of the Eternity Springs books.  I like the small town, because it's good small town, and everyone pulls together.  Every one cares.

In my mind Reunion Pass can be read as a stand alone, but I recommend reading the entire series (and you will love it!) to get a better understanding of what has gone on in previous books in this series that take it to where it is today.

A well developed, well paced romance, I'd recommend Reunion Pass to any romance reader!  Thanks for taking me back to Eternity Springs for another incredible journey.

5/5 stars

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