Monday, April 25, 2016

Review: Tumbledown Manor by Helen Brown

Book Blurb:

From New York Times bestselling author Helen Brown comes a witty, uplifting novel about a woman who discovers that it's never too late to build the home--and the life--you've always longed for…

The windows rattle. The roof leaks. Every surface cries out to be stripped, painted, or polished. But for writer Lisa Trumperton, the dilapidated manor house that once belonged to her great-grandfather is far more than the sum of its battered parts. It's the chance for a new start on her own terms. The fact that it's in the Melbourne countryside of her Australian homeland, far from the deceitful ex-husband she just left behind in New York…well, that's a bonus. 

Lisa sets to work refurbishing Trumperton Manor, assisted by her son, his friends, and a "Gray Army" of retired handymen. But it's not just her ancestral home that's being transformed. As she trades her chic Manhattan clothes for jeans and work boots, Lisa is changing and fortifying her relationships with her family and her sense of self. There are floods, fires, and catastrophes, but there are new allies too, including a one-eyed cat, a stubborn cockatoo, and a rugged landscaper with an irresistible grin. Piece by piece, the house is pushing Lisa beyond her old limits, daring her to embrace something bigger, braver, and more rewarding than she ever dreamed. 

My Review:

I loved, loved Tumbledown Manor!! It was so refreshing to read about a middle age woman and what was happening in her life. I loved the whole story, the messages it gives, the laughs I had, the emotions and the hope. First the cover drew me in, and the first paragraph cemented the knowledge that I had to read this book. I could feel a connection to Lisa and was thrilled to go on this adventure with her. Tumbledown Manor is an unforgettable read with fantastic characters who all had so much to offer. I'd highly recommend Tumbledown Manor to any woman's fiction reader!

5/5 stars

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