Thursday, May 19, 2016

Review: The One You Really Want by Jill Mansell

Book Blurb:

It all starts with a shiny, red, sit-on lawn-mower. When Nancy spies her Christmas present from her husband sitting on the lawn, she realises the jewellery she thought was for her must be on someone else. Her best friend Carmen isn't surprised (she never liked Jonathan) and persuades Nancy to leave Edinburgh and come and stay in her luxury London flat - far too vast for Carmen since her husband, millionaire rock star Spike Todd, died. Soon Nancy's met gorgeous Connor O'Shea, who lives next door, and his daughter Mia is matchmaking - not least because she'd like to see the back of Connor's current pushy girlfriend. Meanwhile Carmen, who's always been certain she doesn't want another man in her life, feels a spark when a handsome charity worker called Joe calls round. But Joe's not quite all he seems...

My Review:

The One You Really Want by Jill Mansell was a book I completely enjoyed and felt part of!  I laughed (a lot!), cared about the characters, felt heart ache, heart break along side them...but I also felt love and the determination these woman have.

The One You Really Want starts off following Nancy and Carmen as their lives have taken an unexpected turns and it's time for them to take charge and move on.  Most times that's easier said than done, though!  Soon they find themselves living in Caremn's luxury condo in London joined by Rennie (Carmen's late husband's brother) and Rose (Nancy's Mum).  As they all live together and try to go on with their lives, they have each other to lean on, to boss around, and to feel most of all that they are good people and can hopefully find happiness again.   The entertainment value only increased in The One You Really Want as more characters move into the plot, and they all for a friendship.  We learn about all of their lives, and Jill's smooth writing the characters blend well into the plot and work well to support the plot and each other. Going on this journey with them to find The One You Really Want was fantastic!

I loved, loved this group of characters.  Despite some of them being rich and famous, or struggling more, they are a perfect fit for a group of friends supporting each other, and they have a very obvious strong bond.  They are all strong characters, by Rennie, Rose and Mia (see blurb) were my absolute favorites with their interfering ways and not always welcome suggestions.  Have a good age range for the characters also worked well.  There is a lot going on, potential dates that don't work, and lots of hidden under currents and desires between some of the Characters that developed into a memorable story.  I felt like I could easily have joined right in and been welcomed!

I also loved the London setting, the accents, and the different words at times that took me right there!

My review probably doesn't do The One You Really Want justice, but it a fantastic, well flowing read told in numerous POV's that works really well.

This is definitely not the last book by Jill Mansell I'll read!  In fact I bought her recent release today to dive into next!!

I'd highly recommend The One You Really Want to any romance reader who wants to be thoroughly entertained as you get to know these fabulous characters!!

5/5 Powerful stars!!

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  1. Thank you so much - I'm thrilled you loved my writing! Lots more books to discover - I'm currently writing number 29...! xx

    1. That's great!! I've just picked up your latest! :)