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Review: Protecting Justice (Justice Team #4) by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano

Book Blurb:

As the premier political spin-doctor in the U.S., Fallyn Pasche can fix any problem--except her own. Her twin sister, Heather, a United States Senator, has been murdered, her father is barely speaking to her, and someone is after coded files Heather hid in a private safe. In order to decode the files and figure out what happened to her twin, Fallyn turns to the Justice Team. What she doesn’t expect is the sexy bodyguard who shows up needing a little personal fixing of his own.

Tony Gerard sees failure every time he looks in the mirror. The former Supreme Court police officer lives with the knowledge that the Chief Justice—a man who was like a father to him—died on his watch. Now he’s sure he can’t protect anyone. When his first assignment for the Justice Team lands him in the media spotlight, working side-by-side with the country’s foremost political fixer, Tony wants to run the other way. But Fallyn’s devil-may-care attitude and tantalizing beauty bring out all of his protective instincts.

As Fallyn and Tony peel back the layers of a government scandal that threatens to bring down the most powerful man in the world, sparks fly along with the intoxicating danger. Desire and passion escalate with their perilous search for the truth as they find relief in each other’s arms from their respective demons. When an unexpected enemy puts Fallyn's life on the line, Tony is forced to face his own failures in order to help her conquer hers. But will he once again fail to protect someone he loves?

My Review:

In Protecting Justice by Misty Evans and Adrienne Giordano, spin doctor Fallyn has not been extremely close with her twin sister Heather, nor her father.  But when Heather, a US Senator dies unexpectedly, it is Fallyn who is picking up the pieces of a life cut short way too soon.  In a short time, Fallyn becomes convinced Heather was actually murdered as more and more secrets come to light - some of them very dangerous...secrets someone doesn't want exposed.  Tony is a (for now) temporary member of the justice team, on leave from his job as a supreme court police officer.  He has issues and guilt of his own, but when he's called on to protect Fallyn from the press, his duties become much more serious as something sinister is simmering.  Soon he is not only protecting her, but Tony and other members of the Justice Team are helping Fallyn untangle a web of secrets in a hunt for the truth about Heather's death.  What they are discovering soon starts becoming political, involving much more than anyone would have guessed.   As all this is moving forward, at the same time Tony and Fallyn are finding themselves becoming more and more personally involved as an attraction between them heats up...  Tony is determined to keep Fallyn safe.  They are both determined to find out the truth.  Will this determination also help them find peace and future with each other, or will it be too late?

Protecting Justice pulled me in from the start.  I had as much doubt about Heather's death as Fallyn did immediately.  The whirlwind adventure of fact finding, fear (of truths and unknowns), the frightening jeopardy Fallyn just might find herself in, and an unexpected chemistry between her and Tony really made for a book than entranced me and had me glued to the pages!

I really liked Fallyn.  She is a strong heroine, and her development through Protecting Justice is powerful and motivating.  She is determined, brace, loyal, and very smart.  She has a unique perspective that makes her stand out.  She definitely has her own regrets and sorrows, but this seems to have worked to push her forward rather than hold her back.  I think it takes a very strong person to do this, and she's someone I'd like to have not only on my side but as a friend.  I really liked her determination and her ability to stand up to anyone and not be scared enough to back down (but have no fear inside I think she was scared...but she was mad enough that she carried on).

I liked Tony a lot also.  He is definitely not perfect, and he carries a weigh on his shoulders.  Whether or not that weight is his fault, it is still there, affecting him, making him doubt himself.  Working with Fallyn, and then being with Fallyn made me feel like he was in the right place at the right time.  I felt like I could trust him to have my back for sure!  Both of these characters are worth getting to know, and seeing them work together was great!

Not only is the political world that we see and the underworld we don't see explored (and really opened my eyes, because you just never really know!  The writing, the plot and the well developed characters made the plot very plausible).  Sometimes book like this really open my eyes and I think wow, that could really happen, and this was one of them.  Not only was the suspenseful plot, but romance can creep up on you when you least expect it and not always at at the best time!

Filled with government cover ups, secrets, and threats, Protecting Justice has many layers to it that are slowly peeled away...only to find a few more to dig through.  Protecting Justice is predominantly as suspense book with a romance woven in.  This really works for the plot because the feelings, the attraction and the romance are there but they don't overwhelm the plot.

Protecting Justice is very well paced and kept right on going!  So well written, it's hard to believe there are two different authors writing this together.  They did an outstanding job and I'm thrilled to have read this book!

Protecting Justice is part of the Justice Team series, but can definitely be read as s stand alone.  You won't feel like you are missing anything.  I'd highly recommend it to all romantic suspense readers!

5/5 stars

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