Sunday, June 26, 2016

Review: Deadly Odds (Casino Fortuna) by Adrienne Giordano

Book Blurb:

At Casino Fortuna, stakes are high and the nights are hot…

FBI agent-turned-consultant Kate Daniels hit the jackpot with her new assignment. A cheat is cashing in on the Strip, and she’s hired by Vegas’ biggest name to ensure his glamorous casino isn’t a target. Fortuna is a high roller’s paradise, all gleaming marble and dollar signs. Even a single flaw in security could cost big bucks. Kate can’t afford distractions. Especially the tall, dark and perfectly chiseled kind. Business and pleasure don’t mix. And sleeping with the boss is a dangerous gamble.

Fortuna’s VP of casino operations, Ross Cooper, is gaming’s golden boy. He’s got a head for business, an eye for beautiful women, and a love for the Vegas lifestyle. When he spots a gorgeous redhead casing his blackjack tables, Ross is more than a little intrigued—he’s suspicious. But Kate is no thief…she’s working for him? Ross hates surprises almost as much as the idea of trouble in his casino.

Kate quickly proves she’s more than a pretty face. Her instincts and smarts are just as enticing. And when her investigation turns deadly, Ross will risk it all to keep her by his side.

My Review:

Deadly Odds by Adrienne Giordano is a well paced and intriguing romantic suspense.  Adrienne quickly pulled me in with the strong characters and the plot.  Kate is a former FBI agent, now a security consultant.  She's hired to do a review of security of the Fortuna casino in Vegas.  Ross is the VP of that casino, and soon, despite a rocky beginning, the two are drawn into a plot that is no game, and even more dangerous.  A cheat is closer than they can know...and soon he will up the ante...

I really enjoyed Deadly Odds.  I loved the setting, and at times felt like I could have been right there in the casino.  I liked Kate and Ross.  They both have their own agendas, and thrown together unexpectedly, they also have a mutual attraction.  The attraction builds and is impossible to ignore, but the job must come first.  I liked how they worked this and how they were together personally and professionally.  It wasn't always easy, but that made them real.  They just really worked for me, and I could feel them click, even before they'd admit it!  I was interested to see how things would work out between them, because they certainly do have their differences.  

The suspenseful plot of Deadly Odds had a lot going on, and with surprises in the plot and secondary characters, I was kept guessing.  I felt involved in the plot and could easily connect to Kate and Ross as they worked through the security issues, a cheat, and their growing feelings for each other.  Everything was woven together seamlessly and as the plot thickened, the story flowed very well.

Exciting and mesmerizing with characters who have great chemistry, I couldn't put Deadly Odds down!  I'd highly recommend it to any romantic suspense reader.

5/5 Super Stars!!

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