Monday, June 13, 2016

Review: Raining Love & Murder by Edie Ramer

Book Blurb:

An abandoned dog. A homeless veteran. A woman on the run. Her life in jeopardy. Sisters Dawn and Sunny stood together through the trauma of their childhoods and the fame they gained from Dawn's songwriting and Sunny's magical voice. But when Sunny marries the son of a cult leader, Dawn's life is in jeopardy. Taking on the identity of Raine, she goes to ground in a small Wisconsin town with a handsome innkeeper whose upbeat temperament is the antidote to her pain. Chuck's always been a good-time guy, and now that he's come up with a plan to help the town, no one in Trouble Bay thinks he's up to the hard work. Just as well that he has a new guest to deal with. A woman with secrets. A woman who who makes his heart beat faster. A woman in danger.

My Review:

In Raining Love & Murder, Edie Ramer drew me in quickly with a cast of dynamic characters and a plot that hooked me!  Dawn is the younger sister, but she's always been the stronger one.  When she finds out her life is in danger from the cult family her sister has married into, Dawn leaves on the run and finds herself in Trouble Bay.  She finds herself staying at the B & B run by Chuck.  Chuck is trying to change things and move forward in life and business, but small town memories make it difficult for him.  Surprisingly, his new guest has more faith in him than the townspeople.  The same guest who seems to be hiding something, and who he also finds himself very attracted to.  The attraction is mutual, but Dawn has too much going on to risk a relationship.  She has found and ally is Chuck though, and soon the small town of Trouble Bay starts to feel more and more like home.  As their attractions builds, slowly does the trust also, but can they help each other?

Todd is a homeless vet who slowly befriends a homeless dog.  That dog is one of the best things that's happened to Todd...and when they also find themselves in Trouble Bay with an unexpected inheritance, Todd just might be able to start healing.

Raining Love & Murder has a few strong plot lines, and Edie writes them seamlessly so that they blend together perfectly and converge in a realistic, heart aching way.  I loved this story.  I would say there are three main characters in Raining Love & Murder...Dawn, Chuck and Todd.  They all grow so much and I enjoyed being part of their journey.  They are all strong, flawed, powerful characters whose experiences and beings evoke a lot of feelings.  My absolute favorite was Todd.  Edie writes all of the characters with feeling and believability, but there was something about Todd that just pulled at every heart string I have.  I felt for him, hoped for him, ached for him and loved him!  He felt so real and Edie's portrayal of this vet felt believable.

There are also strong secondary characters who are integral parts of the story.  I liked them and what they brought to the plot.  Trouble Bay is not perfect either, and I liked how Edie showed the good and bad of small town living.

Raining Love & Murder has good and bad, and real life situations that few people will experience.   I liked how Edie brought these to life.  Raining Love & Murder is very well written and was easy to become absorbed in.  It was a roller coaster of emotions, dangers, love, and new beginnings.  I said it already but I'll say it again Raining Love & Murder was fantastic and I loved it!  I'd highly recommend Raining Love & Murder to any romance reader!

5/5 stars!

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  1. Sue, so glad you loved the book! I had to do a lot of research on this story, so I'm grateful that it turned out so well. Thank you for your great review. (By the way, I love your blog!)