Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Review: Smolder (Firefighters of Montana #1) by Tracy Solheim

Book Blurb:

Former Army Ranger, Sam Gaskill, is starting over in Glacier Creek, Montana - far away from the plains of Texas and the memories of his late wife. Taking charge as the new captain of a squad of smoke jumpers should provide him with enough adrenaline to chase away the ghosts from his past. Until a sexy, green-eyed temptress with a sassy mouth enters the picture…

Laurel Keenan, champion horsewoman, couldn’t wait to escape her hometown. But instead, an ailing mother and an unplanned pregnancy landed the impetuous dreamer right back on her father’s ranch. Laurel has managed to lead a quiet life with her young son—until she sets eyes on the tough guy with the sexy ass.

Sam already failed one woman; he won’t trust his heart with another. And Laurel is determined not to risk her heart—or her son’s—on another thrill-seeker. Can their slow burn lead to a love that lasts?

My Review:

In Smolder by Tracy Solheim Sam, a former Army Ranger has left most of his past behind to move to Glacier Creek Montana.  There he is the new captain of smoke jumpers.  Lauren's life changed with an unplanned pregnancy and her mother becoming ill.  Her dreams might have been a bit different than the life path she is on now, but she is back in Glacier Creek on the family ranch making the best of it.  Lauren and Sam are brought together by a horse, but neither is looking for another relationship.  Neither of them expected the sizzling attraction between them.  As life goes on in Glacier Creek, the slow burn between them heats up...but is love worth all the perceived risks?

I really enjoyed Smolder and Sam and Lauren's story.  I liked that neither of them were really bitter about their past relationships, they just weren't ready for another one.  I liked the way Tracy brings them together.  The ups and downs, the push and pull between them was believable and they felt like real people.  The dangers of Sam's job added a rush of adrenaline, then watching Lauren take back part of what she loves felt good to read about.  Sam and Lauren are strong main characters who develop well in Smolder, and grow so much.

Their backgrounds and present life are all well presented in Smolder and the flow is great!  Lauren's son is a sweet secondary character filled with dreams of his own...which include his father.  I liked how Lauren dealt with this, and even her live life on the edge ex was a well played character who I liked!

Smolder is a fast paced novella that fits a lot into it without being overwhelming.  It couldn't have been better!  I'd recommend Smolder to any romance reader looking for a great read with lots of heat to escape into!

5/5 smoldering stars!!

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