Sunday, July 10, 2016

Review: Driftwood Bride by Lenora Worth

Book Blurb:

Melissa Sonnier is desperate to find her own happily ever after as she helps her sister celebrate her beach wedding in Driftwood Bay, but it’s difficult to move on and find love when she can’t let go of Judson Duvall, a boy she’s loved since middle school, even after their last break up in their on again, off again relationship. But as she watches her sister exchange her sacred vows, she sees Judson, waiting for her asking for one last chance. He vows he’s changed. Can she risk her heart one last time?

After his latest rodeo related injury Judson Duvall is ready to hang up his spurs and always a man of action, defies doctors and drives all night to reach the only woman he’s ever loved. He begs for one last chance and is prepared to do anything to win back Melissa’s love. He claims he’s changed, but is it enough or is it too late?

My Review:

In Driftwood Bride by Lenora Worth, while at her sister's wedding, Melissa can only dream of having her own happily ever after.  She is finding it difficult to move on from the one man who has always held her heart but also broke it.  Judson has been part of Melissa's life for so long and he's not ready to let go.  He shows up unexpected and uninvited at Melissa's sister's wedding, hoping to finally get things right with Melissa.  A professional bull rider recovering from a bad accident, he has finally vowed to change his ways and wants Melissa to be there with him.  But Melissa isn't sure she can trust Judson again.  Her heart and body say yes!  But her mind is much more cautious.   Will Judson will Melissa and her heart back?  Or is it too late this time?

Driftwood Bride is a second chance romance filled with emotion.  I liked both Melissa and Judson.  I liked that they could talk to each other despite everything, and even if she wasn't ready to take another chance with him, Melissa was willing to listen to him.  They are mature and an easy to relate to hero and heroine.  There is a lot of emotion, tension and conflict in Driftwood Bride, and Lenora weaves it all together in a believable plot.

I enjoyed watching this new relationship between Judson and Melissa progress in Driftwood Bride.  I was very intrigued to find out if they could finally make it work, because I could feel that they both meant so much to each other despite the hurt and heart ache.  They get to know each other all over again and it happens quickly, but believably since they are so familiar to each other.  Forgiveness and moving forward is not always an easy thing to do, and it is a struggle for Melissa in Driftwood Bride.

There are great secondary characters in Driftwood Bride, in particular Melissa's family.  They are close, and this dynamic was good an added to the plot...because it is something Judson struggles with.

I loved the setting and could easily envision myself in Driftwood Bay!

Driftwood Bride is well paced and the perfect length for the story being told.  With good flow and clear writing, it was an easy book to fall into.  I'd recommend Driftwood Bride to any romance reader.

4/5 stars

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