Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Review: Montana Secret Santa (Love at the Chocolate Shop #3) by Debra Salone

Book Blurb:

Ad exec Krista Martin, while feeling more Grinch than elf, still jumps at the chance to co-chair Marietta’s Secret Santa Society. Why not? Especially since brilliant, attractive, and innovative tech wunderkind Jonah Andrews has agreed to help. He’s well connected and Krista’s hoping for some advice on rebooting her career.

Jonah knows Krista has a not-so-hidden agenda, but sparring with her over cocoa at their Secret Santa meetings is the most fun he’s had since returning to his old hometown. Krista may come across as all business, but Jonah’s positive he’s glimpsed a little girl inside her who wants to believe in Santa… and in love.

My Review:

Montana Secret Santa by Debra Salone was a very enjoyable read that really brought small town Marietta, Montana to life!

Krista has found a home in Marietta, starting her own business with her friend and being away from the drama of her family.  Jonah is brilliant and rich.  A Montana born boy who has moved on, he is only back for a brief time.  Neither of them has the time or energy for a relationship, and neither of them actually wants one.   From their first meeting an attraction is palpable, and soon they find themselves immersed in working for Marietta's Secret Santa Society.  As they spend more time together, the season of giving, happiness, and hope starts to become so much more...but it can't possibly be a forever thing, or can it?

Montana Secret Santa is the story of Krista and Jonah.  It is about them, with strong secondary characters and plots that enhance the main plot instead of distracting from it.  Krista and Jonah may come from different worlds from each other and the reader, but I found them to be relatable, realistic and believable.  For me they were like the people I might meet in a cafe or just down the street.  I liked them, and I liked that real life feeling of the unexpected and the challenges they faced.  I felt like I got to know them.  As the story progresses, they both experience a lot of growth.  I liked that they were mature characters, and there is a distinct lack of angst which resonates with their maturity.

Debra Salone writes an emotional, touching story in Montana Secret Santa, and I liked that all parts of their present day life pull together and bring these characters to life.  Montana Secret Santa was a story that gave me not only a holiday feeling, but a variety of other emotions from hope, sadness, courage, caring and love.

I'd recommend Montana Secret Santa to any romance reader!

4/5 stars

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