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Review: Cut to the Chase: Sutton Capital Series Book Ten by Lori Ryan

Book Blurb:

When starting over just doesn’t seem possible 

Warrick Staunton’s lost it all, and this isn’t the first time. When Sara Blackburn tries to get him to start over, he isn’t sure he wants to. When a madman takes the choice out of his hands, he’ll find himself fighting for his life and Sara’s. 

NY Times Bestselling Author, Lori Ryan, brings readers all the heartwarming romance and heart stopping suspense they’re come to expect in the Sutton Capital Series.

My Review:

Cut to the Chase by Lori Ryan is a mesmerizing romantic suspense/mystery that I easily fell into.  The plot of a madman to ruin Warrick Sutton is a continuing thread from the previous two books in this series (Cutthroat and Cut and Run) that I would recommend reading first to have a good understanding).

Warrick's family pharmaceutical company is close to being in ruin after what has been done.  He is hurt, shocked and unsure of his future, but he is determined to save the company and the jobs of all the employees.  When he brings in Sutton Group as a shareholder in the company, he has some hope that they can help turn the negativity surrounding his company around.  Whether or not his company was involved in what brought things to this point is no longer relevant because it's all in the perception of others.  Sara is one of those others who doesn't like the company and doesn't want to like Warrick, but she is part of Sutton Group and helping turn things around might not only benefit Warrick's company, but also a project she is trying to bring to life.

Sara and Warrick both have heaviness from the past on their shoulders, and any kind of romantic relationship is not something either of them is looking for.  But despite the scars they both bear and the weight of the present, an attraction between them can't be denied.  I liked the connection I could feel between these two main characters.  I liked how they are together.  The pace of their relationship growth is slow and cautious and this really works with this plot.  Lori Ryan wrote these two characters very well.  As their characters grew and developed through Cut to the Chase I felt like I really got to know them and liked them.  I could feel for both of them and understand where they were coming from.  

As things slowly come together for them in many ways, the madness of his former father in law escalates with grim determination.  The POV's from this man's mind were a very fascinating part of the story, and knowing his thoughts and what he wanted to do put a very edgy spin on Cut to the Chase.  He is dangerous and unstable, and if he has his way there will be no future for Warrick and Sara.

Cut to the Chase was good!  It is interesting knowing the 'who', but still having that feeling of suspense and mystery of what will happen.  Lori Ryan managed to surprise me a few times!  I liked the main characters because they are mature, there are no relationship games but there is drama and ups and downs to get through.  I liked the carry over and introduction of new characters also, they all help give a lot of depth to the plot and make it real.

Cut to the Chase is well paced and suspenseful with hope woven in.  I'd recommend Cut to the Chase to any romantic suspense reader.

4/5 stars

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