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Act Like You Love Me and Playing the Part

High school was not a fun time for Brynn. She was a bit of a social misfit and just didn't fit in. Unfortunately her awkward moments were never private and she felt like she never lived them down. Brynn braved on though...she had a huge crush on Sawyer and finally got enough nerve up to ask him to the prom. He didn't even answer her, just looked at her and walked away. Brynn has changed a lot since high school, but she is still quirky and fun. Now she works in the family's bait and tackle shop with her brother, acting part time in local productions on the side.

Imagine her surprise when first Sawyer catches her in a compromising position outside the theatre, then she discovers he is going to be the director of her current play! He's temporary back in town to fix up his parents' beach house and put it on the market, has recently ended a relationship that left a sour taste in his mouth. The last thing he wants is to get back into a relationship, especially since he's only back briefly.

Sawyer, much to Brynn's dismay, has no idea who she was in high school. He does find himself incredibly drawn to who she is now though. The sparks are still there for Brynn, but she is still dwelling on what happened in high school. At first she is quite annoyed with Sawyer, which he can sense but has no idea why. Brynn decides to be who she thinks he wants her to be, hiding who she really is. Sawyer and Brynn hit it off really well and who they are now get along so well! But the more lies Brynn tells, the more lies she has to tell to cover the lies! Soon she's drawn into a web of deceit of her own making with no easy way out! When Sawyer finds out Brynn has been lying about who she is the whole time, how is he going to react? Even with his mother begging him to stay, he's going to be leaving soon does Brynn need to tell him the truth at all?

Act Like You Love me is a story about two very different people. One has matured since high school and one doesn't seem to have moved beyond high school. Brynn is quite immature and in a lot of ways selfish, because it's always about her. After she finds out how sick Sawyer's Dad was when he was in high school, she still doesn't clue in that maybe he had a lot of other things going on in his life at the time. She's really going to need to grow up and become the woman she has the potential to be. Most of the time I found her frustrating, but at other times she was funny and sweet.

Sawyer has issues with relationships and people who lie to him thanks to his previous gone bad relationship. He's doing well for himself as a screenwriter, but he might just realize he needs something else in his life too! He will need to move past his past experiences. He has so many good things going for him, he is a great man with a lot to offer!

Both Sawyer and Brynn will have to be open and honest with one another, and flexible if they want to have any chance at a relationship.

Act Like You Love Me was a fairly quick read. Cindi has written very well. I think the characters are realistic because I'm sure there are people out there like Brynn and Sawyer! This is a romance that I'd say would be an ok read for a younger adult.  I would have liked it more if Brynn had been more mature!

I give this book 3/5 stars.

After a disastrous break up a year ago, resulting in a lot of negative publicity for Piper, she is trying to make amends with her publisher. Piper is an author whose book is being adapted for a movie, and she's agreed to consult with the actor playing the leading part. Mick has never been in love, and he doesn't have relationships, so he has no idea how to act like he's in one! It is Piper's job to help him get into character.

As soon as Piper and Mick meet there are not just sparks, but fireworks! The last relationship Piper was in was also with an actor and look how that turned out... Piper is media shy and trying to stay out of the spotlight, but there's no way she can ignore the heat between her and Mick. She knows she'll be leaving Hollywood soon, just as she knows he's not a relationship kind of guy. "...hunger for Mick Blackwell was a very dangerous proposition, because while the bad boy was a nice little fantasy, the reality sucked." Mick lusted for Piper as soon as he saw her, before he knew who she was "She'd turned him on the moment he'd noticed her on the set, and she'd responded to his flirtation, giving it as good as she got. As long as she wasn't the relationship type..."

Piper and Mick soon give into the heat between them (and there is a lot of that!), having some fun while neither is looking for a lasting relationship. Piper and Mick are good for each other...whether due to the intensity between them or that they're both feeling much more relaxed, Piper is able to write again and Mick starts hitting his scenes. They have their rules (no staying over for one), and Piper is sure she can keep her heart out of this thing with Mick. The last thing she wants or needs is another relationship with someone in the spotlight.

As determined as Piper is to stay out of the limelight and a relationship, she starts to feel really good with Mick - and not only when they're having sex! Mick has a sensitive, caring side that he keeps pretty well hidden from the public. "The problem wasn't even the epic sex that left her aching for more. The problem was the ordinary, in between times with Mick. The times where they talked, read quietly, or napped in the early afternoon, the long dinners...conversation..." And now Mick wants to change the rules, and have a relationship beyond a temporary fling. Piper makes him feel like no one ever has before.

But between the press, her past, and who Mick is, Piper is afraid of starting another relationship, of letting her heart become involved. It might be too late for that though...and with another media scandal looming, Piper leaves and heads back to New York. But can Piper let Mick go that easily? Can they both find a way to deal with the constant limelight and press coverage, real or not? Piper might need to let her heart lead her after all...

I liked both Mick and Piper. We don't get a lot of background on them, but enough to give us an idea of who they are and where they're coming from. They are both honest with each other, no game playing or secrets which I really like. Piper is a fun young lady, quite comfortable with her sexuality, out for what she thinks will be a temporary good time. It's harder for her to accept the evolution of the relationship than it is for Mick, because she's been burned before. She needs to decide who she's going to trust...the press or Mick? 

Even though Mick is a movie star and Piper is a famous author, the feelings that both of them go through are easy to relate to, especially Piper! Outside of the limelight they are a real couple, quickly falling for each other. I felt like their professions, so different yet so similar added a fun twist to the romantic story line.

Robyn gives us a good, steamy, romantic read with Playing the Part. There are a lot of explicit sex scenes through out Playing the Part, but they work well with the story line and she writes them very well!

I give this 3/5 stars :)

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