Monday, June 17, 2013

Barbara Freethy

I just love all of Barbara's books!!  Her newest series about the Callaway family is sure to entrance you!!

On A Night Like This by Barbara Freethy is the first book in Barbara Freethy’s Callaway clan and it was a fantastic introduction to this family!

Aiden, a smokejumper, has come home to San Francisco after a disastrous job that claimed the life of his best friend and colleague Kyle. Unfortunately Aiden can’t remember what happened because he was knocked out, and he is being blamed by too many people for Aiden’s death. He is home to try to find out the truth and decide on his own future.

Sara has come back to San Francisco hoping to celebrate her father’s birthday with him and rekindle a relationship with him. But Sara’s father has always been distant with her…she’s always been a bit nervous around him. Sara doesn’t know why he doesn’t love her, but she’s not going to stop trying. Read More

This is definitely a 5 star read!!

So This Is Love is book two and it just keeps getting better!

In So This Is Love (Callaways #2) by Barbara Freethy, Emma Calloway is a former fire fighter, now fire investigator. She loves what she does and she is good at it! When Max Harrison, a homicide detective, starts showing up at ‘her’ scenes, she is very annoyed even if she is secretly attracted to him.

“Their meetings were always tense, the mix of anger and attraction between them making most of their encounters awkward and uncomfortable.”

Emma is a few months out of a relationship, not looking for another one, and Max considers himself not a relationship guy. Both of them are afraid of love, and on the surface two very different people. Emma is an optimist, her glass is always half full. Her family is big, nosy, and loving. Max’s glass is always half empty and he has some problems with his family that he needs to work through. He also thinks he and Emma are too different to work…Read More

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