Monday, June 17, 2013

Skye can feel it...someone is watching her. Again. She fled New York after a career ending injuring resulting from a car accident that Skye knows was not an accident. She felt the eyes then and she feels them again now. Someone wants her. Someone is following her. Someone is getting into her apartment and going through her things. Whoever it is leaves no trace of himself though and Skye feels like no one will believe her or help her.

Skye is terrified and the only person she can trust and turn to is Trace. Trace from what feels like a lifetime ago, former lover and protector. Trace pulled himself up out of the gutter years ago. He has a dark side he hides, and a past he doesn't want to talk about. From this he worked hard to become a very rich man and owner of his own security firm.

Trace has always, always wanted Skye. He set her free once, but now he is determined that she will be his. Skye is not so sure about that. In her eyes Trace rejected her. Even though she still longs for him, she doesn't know if she can have him. But she does know that Trace is the only one who can keep her safe, and stop who ever is stalking her.

Soon events begin to escalate and the police start to believe her (at last!). Soon Skye is doubting everyone around her, including Trace. And when someone from her past shows up casting doubt on her, she starts doubting herself too.

Skye will need to trust someone though...will it be the wrong person?

Mine to Take was a fantastic novella by Cynthia Eden. It is well written, fast paced and full of pulse pounding sexuality and suspense! Cynthia gives us a great story with Skye and Trace. It took me a little while to figure out their history together, because even that was shrouded in mystery at first...but through the novella you get enough of a picture of Skye and Trace earlier in their lives that you can understand them. They both had a bad start but have managed to make it, and I found myself really wanting Skye's doubts to be unfounded.

Trace is a very dominant and possessive man. His characteristics along with the stalkers thoughts really gave a scary edge to Mine to Take and even had me wondering! Trace was always up front with Skye though, there was no beating around the bush for him!

Skye was so alone and scared, I really felt for her. She wasn't pathetic at all, didn't want to run and hide. She just wanted the stalking to end so she could get back on with her life. I really liked her!

Cynthia really brings Trace and Skye to life in Mine to Take. They jump off the pages and pull you into their rocky lives! I'd recommend this to any romance reader who likes the thrill of the suspense in a well written sexy romance.

4/5 stars

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