Monday, July 8, 2013

All Out of Love

Lace suffered the ultimate high school humiliation when her letter to Cupid was published in the school newspaper! She had a huge crush on Pierce, popular football player, and her brother's best friend. At the time it was mortifying, but Lace has moved on from that incident!

She has been to university, has a PhD in Plant Biology, and is back in Cupid taking care of the gardens there while carrying on her research. Lace is also part of a group of women who answer letters left for Cupid. They believe in true love, but Lace knows that you don't always get what you want. She is happy, independent and smart even if she is still single, sowing some wild oates while away at university!

When Pierce returns to Cupid after a career threatening football injury and to deal with his father's mysterious illness, Lace is determined to stay far away from him. That part of her life is long past and she has moved on! She has no desire to stir that pot again, have everyone talking about her again, and risk her heart again! Even if Pierce is hotter than ever!

Pierce is stunned when he runs into grown up Lace. She is nothing like the women he usually sees, but there is something about her that pulls him in. She is smart, confident and all woman! Where Lace is determined not to stir anything up with Pierce (she is over him, right?), he is just as determined to see what he can stir up with Lace!

I loved reading the romance blossoming between Pierce and Lace as adults. It really feels like this is the right time for them, even with so many uncertainties like his career, his father's health, the little incident of someone stealing money from Cupid and Lace losing her job... Despite Lace's reluctance to put her heart on the line, Pierce just might be worth it. Will Cupid work his magic, do Lace and Pierce have a chance together?

Lace is a great woman. She is caring, honest, and down to earth. I love that she's not carrying around all her teenage angst that a lot of characters seem to do these days! She's moved on, holds no grudges, and has grown up great! Even with her uncertainty about a relationship with Pierce, she is there for him and genuinely cares when his father is ill.

Underneath his playboy ways, Pierce is all man! Football has always been his life, living up to his father's expectations just a part of it. With his career threatened and his life up in the air, he does not fall into self pity, but carries on. I love the maturity of both Pierce and Lace.

Lori gives us a great romance with All Out of Love. I love her style of writing, the humor, the relationship ups and downs, and yest the sexy scenes! Lori writes it all so well the story just flows off the pages effortlessly! All of the plant references were a great addition to the story, fitting in nicely. I love the small town feel of Cupid with all the eccentric characters! I can't wait for Lori's next book in this series!

I really enjoyed my visit back to Cupid, Texas in All Out of Love! I loved this installment in the Cupid, Texas series by Lori Wilde! Although it is part of a series and I've read them all to date, I honestly believe it can easily be read as a stand alone.
5/5 stars

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