Monday, July 8, 2013

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Dylan is looking for escape and solitude when he comes to Sanctuary Island, hoping to spend time alone in his Grandparent's house. Imagine his surprise when he finds a woman and her son living there as caretakers, and she assumes he's the repair man she's been waiting for!

Dylan is used to people seeing him as a playboy, a rich kid wasting his life. So when Penny has no clue who he is, he decides to play the part of handyman. He's not sure why he does this, except that he is drawn to Penny in a way he isn't usually drawn to women...for she is unlike any woman he's known.

Penny is a divorced mother of a teenager getting her life on track. She has no tolerance for liars, does not believe in second chances. She also has a past of her own she's hiding, she struggles to understand her teenage son, and she is incredibly turned on and drawn to Dylan!

Things heat up quickly between Dylan and Penny. But secrets don't stay secrets for long, and when Dylan's comes out before he can tell Penny, will the sense of betrayal end any chance they have together?

I loved this introduction to Sanctuary Island and the Harrington brothers! Dylan and Penny are both mature adults trying to do the best they can. I can understand why Dylan doesn't tell Penny who he really is after she mistakes him for the handyman, then how hard it is for him to confess as time goes on! But relationships need to be honest, so I can also understand why Penny feels so angry when she does find out!

Will she be able to put her anger aside and listen to Dylan, to take a chance on him? Or will her past prevent her from doing this, and keep her hiding from life?

Lily has written a great entry to Sanctuary Island that I wasn't able to put down! Ok, at times I really didn't want to turn the page because I couldn't bear to see what happened when Penny found out about Dylan's deception! Sanctuary Island was easy to read, but at the same time went deep exploring the emotions of both Penny and Dylan. It was easy to be drawn into their life!

I can't wait for the next book to come out, I'll be devouring that one too!

5/5 stars

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