Friday, July 5, 2013

The Last Kiss Goodbye

Dr. Charlotte Stone ("Charlie") studies serial killers. 

Charlie has had her real life run in's with serial killers too. As a young girl, she managed to escape the one who killed her friend's family. As an adult she's also managed to escape one. Now another one is after her..."The Gingerbread Man". Charlie is drawn into his escapades when a young lady escapes him and ends up on her doorstep. But this one seems to have Charlie in his sights and she is once again working with the FBI, hoping to find this one before he strikes again.

Tony is the FBI agent Charlie has been dating...but they'll have to put their budding romance on hold. Not only to focus on the case, but because Charlie also sees dead people. Michael is one dead person who Charlie can't decide whether she wants him to find the light and go to it, or stay around with her. He's a convicted serial killer who was part of her research when he died. But is he really? He's determined to hang around with Charlie, protecting her, invading her dreams. He definitely does not like the idea of Tony and Charlie being together.

Time is of the essence though and Charlie is determined to put her personal issues aside while she tries to help find a serial killer. But the more she sees Michael, the more he's there, the more she feels for him and starts to want him there. Her rational mind however, reminds her that it is Tony who is alive and physically real. It is still Michael that draws her though. Can Charlie do anything to keep Michael with her? Or will Charlie have to move on? Tony has no idea of Charlie's dilemma, and he might not be willing to wait too long.

In the meantime, there's a serial killer to stop too. Can he be stopped before he strikes again? Can he be stopped before reaching his final target?

Honestly, I love Michael! He is bad boy ghost who can't move on. He feels frustrated and wronged, but that won't stop him from looking out for and giving Charlie some real heat! I can't even say why I am so drawn to him and the whole concept, but I am! He just really pulls me in, my favorite character in The Last Kiss Goodbye.

Charlie just can't figure out what to do! I think she knows what she wants, but won't even admit it to herself...because that would make it more real. Crazy, but real! And then what? She is a very smart, independant woman who has overcome obstacles to get where she is today. 

Karen gives us a paranormal romantic suspense that will draw you in and make you hope against hope. I love this kind of paranormal romance because for me it is something that could actually happen...the 'what if' of death. She writes so flawlessly that you are drawn right in with the characters, and when Charlie sees Michael so do you! Karen concludes The Last Kiss Goodbye perfectly so that if there is no third book you feel the story is finished, but at the same time there is enough room to continue. 

Karen gives us another fantastic book with The Last Kiss Goodbye. I've been waiting forever for this second book! My only complaint would be the time between the books is too long, and it's been quite a while (or it seems like it anyway) since the first one came out. I really hope there is a third book in this series!
5/5 stars

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