Sunday, July 7, 2013

Making it Last

Amber and Tony are in their tenth year of marriage. Tony works hard and works a lot to support their family, but Amber is starting to feel lonely and out of sorts. Now that their youngest is in school, she feels like she's rattling around their big house on her own, with no real identity other than mother and wife.

When they go to Jamaica for a wedding with their 3 sons, the vacation ends up being not at all what Amber envisioned. She is becoming more and more unhappy and isn't even sure her husband still sees her for the woman she is. She feels like she is losing her self.

Thanks to the intervention of her mother and aunt, Amber ends up getting a few more days in paradise. Tony does finally see he should be with her and joins her, but is it too late to save their marriage when neither of them really knows what's wrong? Can they reconnect and open up the lines of communication? Both of them still love the other, but there is a significant lack of communication when it comes to Amber and Tony. Amber has never talked to Tony about how she feels. Tony senses something is wrong, he just doesn't know what!

Ruthie gives us a very realistic story with Making it Last. She writes with feeling about not just a happily ever after, but what comes after the happily ever after. The dialogue is honest and moving. I could really feel for both Amber and Tony. I did feel frustrated with Amber because obviously something was wrong, she wasn't happy, but she hadn't talked to Tony at all about it, and a good marriage has to have open communication. I loved that Tony went after Amber, not knowing what was wrong, just hoping he could 'fix' it.

Making it Last is part of a series that I've read some of, but not all of. You can read it alone, but would be better read as part of the series.  This novella is a quick read.  I did sometimes find the writing a bit difficult to follow, but overall enjoyed the story.

Would recommend to those who have read the other books in this series and who are looking for some more follow up.

3/5 stars

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