Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hearts in Motion

Hearts in Motion is a fun, fast paced romance!

In Hearts in Motion we meet Abby and Holden.  Abby has been raising her sister since their parents died, and she is struggling to make a go of the cat furniture business she has with a friend.  Abby is fun and optimistic, but at the same time she is realistic.  When Holden's aunt asks her to look after Cara (Holden's daughter) for 2 weeks, she does it first for the income, but it soon becomes all Cara.  Abby and her pets fall under Cara's sweet spell. 

Holden is business minded, serious, trying to save his family furniture's business, engaged to an 'appropriate' woman, and has no idea what to do with Cara, who's grandparents have dropped her off and left.  He knows Abby from years ago when she briefly dated his brother, and it looks like he's going to get to know her a bit more since she's looking after Cara. 

Before too long though, Holden is feeling things for Abby he certainly does not feel for his fiancée.  Abby is feeling things for Holden too...but he's off limits - or is he?  His fiancée has a big secret, the love is not there and he feels so good when he's with Abby and Cara, and he just might be able to help with her business.  The animals are meddling too...they think it's time for Abby to settle down and Holden might be just the man for her!  The animals might be the smartest ones after all!
Holden and Abby are opposites that certainly attract.  They are going to be very good for each other if they can find a way to take a chance on each other.  Cara is so sweet, she is a little girl that sure pulls at your heart, and she might be the best thing for both of them.  I loved reading both Holden and Abby's point of views, seeing how they both think and feel.  Holden is so confused and torn, wanting to do the right thing.  Abby is frustrated by Holden at times, and very protective of Cara.  Abby's sister Grace isn't as involved in the story as Abby, Holden and Cara, but she is definitely part of it and it is refreshing to read about a 'good' teenage girl!  The animals and their conversations are a great, funny part of the story, I really enjoyed them!  They add a unique aspect to Hearts in Motion.

I loved this fast, funny, sweet romance by Edie Ramer!  She draws you into Holden and Abby's lives and keeps you there until the last page!

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