Thursday, August 15, 2013

Storm Warning

In a small coastal town of Scotland, there are more secrets and darkness than there first appears...

Sorcha has come home again, many years after she left at the age of 10 after her father died. She is hoping to find peace and move on with her life after a disasterous relationship. This is not going to be easy to do though, since Sorcha is hearing voices and seeing her dead father's ghost. She doesn't know why, just that it's getting harder and harder to cope with. And peace is even harder to find when someone considers Sorcha's return a threat...and will stop at nothing to get rid of her.

Ben is an American DEA undercover in Scotland, determined to find out who was responsible for leaking his partner's status to a drug cartel...resulting in his death. All leads point to Sorcha as being involved, and Ben will do whatever it takes to get justice for his partner. Ben becomes closer to Sorcha in an attempt to find out her secrets...but does she really have any? Between dead bodies, threats to Sorcha, a near drowning, and drugs found in the lighthouse on the island Sorcha is working on, Ben doesn't know what to think. He has a harder and harder time maintaining an emotional distance from Sorcha though.

Sorcha is drawn to the American, "No doubt about it, there was something intriguing about the man. The dangerous quality counteracted by a sexy smile she didn't trust." As she spends more and more time with Ben, she finds herself beginning to care about him in ways she didn't want to feel for someone again. She finds Ben to be warm and caring one moment, then distant and cold the next...Sorcha doesn't know what is going on with Ben. After a night where they lose themselves in each other and Ben decides it's a mistake, Sorcha is more hurt than she wants to be. They keep coming back to each other though...Ben with his secrets and Sorcha with hers.

Ben has a job to do though, no matter what the cost to his emotions. He does not want to become personally involved with a possible criminal, but as he spends more time with Sorcha and mysterious, frightening things continue to happen, he begins to wonder if he might be wrong. Not knowing who Ben really is, Sorcha struggles to decide if she can trust Ben with her secrets and her heart. Will he feel the same when she reveals them? Is Sorcha involved in drug running? But when Sorcha's life is in imminent danger, Ben can only hope he's not to late to save the woman he realizes he loves.

Toni Anderson really pulled me into Storm Warning...from her descriptions of the Scottish coast "...the crumbling seawall, mist-laden air, and the constant beat of the waves in the background of every breath he took." to the depth of the characters, I could feel myself there and I could feel myself in the characters. Sorcha has done well for herself despite what she endured after her father's death. She is strong and independent. Unaware of the psychic background in her family, she is not sure what to think about the voices or her father's ghost... Her attraction to Ben is unexpected for her, and along with everything else suddenly going on in her life she handles herself (and Ben!) very well. Ben is undercover DEA who has not had an ideal childhood, but is determined to do good where he can. Sorcha forces him to acknowledge parts of himself he's been ignoring. I didn't always like how he acted with Sorcha (the hot/cold thing)...but since I was outside looking in, it made complete sense to me! 

Storm Warning has lots of secondary characters that all play an important role in the story...they will all keep you guessing and surprising you! Storm warning is a 5 star romantic suspense that is a great read for anyone looking to escape to the Scottish coast for heart stopping mystery!

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