Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Unwanted

Destin and Caleb are both psychics. Up until 5 years ago, they also both worked for the FBI...and were a couple. In a shocking turn of events for Destin, Caleb left her...just walked out and she hasn't seen him since. Presently, Caleb still works for the FBI, but Destin now works for a private investigation company with many of her former FBI colleagues. Destin has never felt the connection to anyone else that she felt with Caleb, working together or as a couple, and her boss knows this. When a new case comes up that's not even on the FBI radar, Destin's boss decides only the best will do...bringing in Caleb to partner with Destin.

In their time apart, neither Destin or Caleb has been able to completely forget the other. Being together again will be a test neither of them prepared for, both personally and professionally. They both carry scars, they have both changed, but they will need to put their personal differences aside if they are to be successful in their mission - they need each other to do this. A forced togetherness might force them even farther apart...or pull them even closer together. First they need to focus on the job, but will they be there for each other to pick up the pieces afterwards? When they find what has been missing between them, can they take another chance at love together?

The Unwanted is a fast paced, action packed romantic suspense! Caleb knows just what Destin needs on the job and off...that has not changed for them. Shiloh writes a perfect blend Caleb and Destin's broken relationship and the suspense of their job. The Unwanted is a quick read, because you won't want to put it down! I really liked both Caleb and Destin, watching them struggle to heal and try to be together again.

This novella is the perfect length for Destin and Caleb's story! The Unwanted can be read alone, but I highly recommend the Shiloh Walker's other FBI books too!

5/5 stars

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