Saturday, August 3, 2013

Choosing the Right Man

In the third book of Nice Girl to Love - Choosing the Right Man, Abby is going to have to make a choice between brothers Brian and Connor. In Falling For the Bad Boy (book 1), Abby had a month of bliss with Connor, the bad boy brother of her best friend Brian. When the month was over, he let her go...and didn't come after her. Brian, in Falling for the Good Guy (book 2), finally realizes the extent of his feelings for Abby go far beyond the friendship they've always had. Seeing her with his brother was just the push he needed to try to win her over, and make her see that they could have so much more together.

In Choosing the Right Man, things come to a head, and Abby finds herself caught between the two brothers. She loves them both, but who is she in love with? Even Abby can't make up her mind. Both brothers want her. Connor is much deeper than he appears. His bad boy persona is all in the past, and he's struggled with his own family issues. He wants the chance to show Abby how good they are together. He needs to be honest with his feelings and show her who he really is. Abby is drawn to him, just the thought of him makes her heart race. Abby has known Brian forever...they're best friends and she's seen him through some very rough times, being a second mother to his daughter Skylar. She is attached to both Brian and Skylar...she knows everything about Brian, the good and the bad. She has loved Brian as a friend forever, will she be able to love him as more than that?

Brian and Connor come up with a way to spend time together with Abby separately, giving her a chance to figure out who her future will be with. It is an emotional, overwhelming time for Abby. There are so many factors that influence how she feels, who she really wants to be with, and who she thinks she should be with. No matter who her heart belongs to, someone will be hurt. Abby is going to have to decide with her heart what is best for her, who she wants to spend forever with.

The characters in the book are very well developed and all of them work well together. We get some insight into all of they feel and what they are going through. I do think you need to read the first two books in this series to get a good understanding of their backgrounds.

Violet works the plot of 2 brothers wanting the same woman perfectly. When Abby is spending time with each brother, there is not a lot of comparing the brothers, which worked really well. She focuses instead on the feelings each of the characters are experiencing. There is very little sex, although there are certainly moments that have the pages smoldering! I certainly don't mind well written sex scenes (which Violet does write very well!), but that wasn't what this book was about. I was really relieved there were no sex comparisons between the brothers, that would have just been too weird for me! Violet writes Choosing the Right Man in such a way that there is no discomfort or weirdness about Abby having been with both brothers and now trying to choose between them.

Choosing the Right Man was a fast paced, fun romantic read. It does have its serious side too though...something that makes it even harder for Abby to choose, and you find yourself hoping she'll pick who you would! I loved Choosing the Right Man!! Thank you Violet for another great read! I think Abby made the right choice! I love how Choosing the Right Man ends, and you will too, regardless of who you're hoping Abby will have her happily ever after with. We are left with enough to be very sated readers, but looking forward to Violet's next book!
5/5 stars!!

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