Friday, August 2, 2013

First Temptation

Zoe has been ready to move on from her job as a Border Patrol Agent ever since the death of one of her partners, Cody. When a risqué undercover position with ICE comes up, Zoe jumps at the chance to be part of it. Her experience and knowledge will give her the edge she needs...even if it means having to work with Taft. Taft initially doesn't think Zoe has what it takes professionally or personally to get the job done, but Zoe soon proves him wrong!

Working together as a married couple running their adults only shop, Zoe and Taft are trying to bring down a notorious Mexican drug dealer. Between learning about various sex toys and the dangers of finding the players in the drug ring, Zoe and Taft soon find they are very compatible...but Zoe has a rule about having relationships with people she works with. When Zoe almost walks away from the job thinking her identity has been discovered, her and Taft soon find out they know just what the other needs and they don't need sex toys to do what they do so well together!

Zoe stays on the job though, and her and Taft put on one big show, hoping to draw the players out. It works better than either of them anticipated, both professionally as well as personally...and when the investigation cumulates, both will have to trust the other if they are to survive.

In First Temptation, Joan gives us a fast paced, suspenseful romance in which the main characters really are meant for each other. Taft challenges Zoe and makes her bring out her feminine, senuous side that is usually well hidden. He is not afraid to admit when he's wrong, he's honest, and protective of not only Zoe, but any colleague. He is hot and knows how to please Zoe! Zoe has lived a lot of her life being one of the guys, not openly embracing the woman in her. We are given enough background to understand why, so it makes it even better when Zoe and Taft embrace who she is! I loved both Zoe and Taft...they were able to easily move past their initial annoyance with each other, they worked well together and they played very well together! Their relationship moved fast, but it was believable...sometimes you just know.

The pace of First Temptation was perfect, Joan kept me very interested in both the romance and the suspense, I really loved how the story played out...sometimes unexpectedly!

5/5 stars

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