Monday, September 9, 2013

Flirting With Danger

In Flirting With Danger by Claire Baxter, Jasmine does everything she can to downplay her feminine side.  Jasmine is a fire fighter, so she works with a lot of men and is just 'one of the guys' - which is how she likes it.  Jasmine hasn't been in a relationship for a while.  Since finding out her ex was cheating on her, she's not too confident in men.

As a bridesmaid at her friend's wedding though, Jasmine dresses up really fact she's gorgeous!  When Jasmine looks in the mirror though, she sees her mother and the last thing she wants is to be compared to her mother.  Another reason she usually hides behind her tomboy image and unattractive clothing.

Some of the guys she works with who attend the wedding are shocked when they see her in all her finery.  Especially Aaron...the last person Jasmine wants to be attracted to.  He's one of the guys, she works with him, and she's heard a lot about his revolving bedroom door!  She definitely does not want to be another notch in his bed post.  She definitely does not want to admit to herself or to Aaron that she is attracted to him... that he brings her feminine parts to life!  But he is not an option - he's not interested in a one woman relationship, plus she has to work with him.

Aaron is stunned by Jasmine!  He is just as shocked by his attraction to her, she is not his usual 'type', and he definitely isn't looking to settle down.  All the same, Aaron wants to explore these feelings with Jasmine, even if she thinks she doesn't want to.  When Jasmine is injured and Aaron feels responsible, Aaron sees it as the perfect opportunity to spend more time with her.  The more time they spend together, the harder it's getting for Jasmine to resist her desires, and the more Jasmine sees that Aaron is not the shallow womanizer that she has always thought he was.  There is much more to Aaron than what's on the surface, and Jasmine is liking what she sees more and more.

Can Jasmine risk her heart on Aaron?  Is there any chance for them?

Both Jasmine and Aaron have issues from their pasts that they have to get past, both very different, but both just as important to them.  They are a fun couple to get to know, as a reader I could imagine them as real people struggling to come together.  I loved seeing Jasmine start to embrace who she was too.

There was just enough interaction with the secondary characters in Flirting With Danger so that they didn't take over the story with their stories.  I loved that Jasmine has such good friends and a family who wants to be there for her, if only she'd let them!

Flirting With Danger by Claire Baxter is a sweet, fun romantic read.  I had a lot of enjoyment watching Jasmine and Aaron come out of their shells and get to know each other outside of work.  The banter between them was hilarious at times!  It was really great to watch their relationship evolve as they started to trust not only each other more, but their feelings towards each other.  Will it be enough though to make a relationship work?  As I read further into Flirting With Danger, I found myself really hoping that they could make it as a couple.

Claire writes a romance that will draw you in and make you really feel for Jasmine and Aaron.  I loved how they got to know each other so well outside of the bedroom, and grew from there.  I'd recommend Flirting With Danger to any romance reader looking to lose yourself in a fun, fast paced romance that won't leave you bored!

4/5 stars

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