Monday, September 9, 2013

Tempt Me Cowboy

In Tempt Me Cowboy by Megan Crane, Chelsea Crawford Collier, history teacher,  is happy and comfortable with her life in Marietta, Montana.  Yes, she's still living with her mother and the whole town knows she caught her boyfriend cheating on her, but she's happy and Marietta is where she wants to be. Her family is one of the founding families of Marietta, but slowly their wealth has withered. Chelsea would like nothing better than to turn the old train station into a museum, and has been actively fundraising to purchase the building.
She is shocked and upset when the train station is suddenly sold, and the new owner has aspirations of turning it into a micro brewery!  

As soon as Jasper saw Marietta, he knew it was the place for him.  He's made a fortune in the oil business and is now ready to retire, to enjoy a quieter life.  When he first sees Chelsea waiting determinedly to talk him out of his plans, he is thrown for a loop!  She is dressed too old and unflattering for her age, but she is as hot and fiery as her red hair!  Chelsea is convinced Jasper has no plans to stay and make Marietta his home, and she is horrified by the idea of a micro brewery in 'her' train station!  Jasper is used to women chasing him, not him having to chase a woman.  But the attraction between them is too intense to ignore and Jasper sets out to pursue Chelsea.

Chelsea is used to being a good girl, doing what everyone expects of her (especially her mother!).  When Jasper convinces Chelsea to let her hair down (literally!) and take a chance with him, Chelsea decides maybe she can have a quick fling with him after all...maybe it's time to make herself happy.  She has no intention of getting her heart involved and hurt again, and she's still convinced a man like Jasper will never settle down in Marietta.  But Jasper has finally found a place that feels like home, especially if he can convince Chelsea to give a relationship with him a real try.

Does Chelsea have the courage to give her heart to Jasper?  Can she trust what she feels to take the chance?  Will Jasper be able to convince Chelsea he has every intention of sticking around - with her?

Tempt Me Cowboy by Megan Crane is a fantastic novella introducing us to the Copper Mountain Rodeo Series.  I loved Jasper and Chelsea!  Jasper brings out the best in Chelsea, encourages her to break out of the mold she's stuck herself in, and have fun!  He genuinely cares about her and wants to be with her...maybe because she's completely opposite from the women he usually sees?  There's nothing like a hot, motorcycle riding man pursuing his woman!  Chelsea was a lot of fun!  Even in this short novella her character really grew, I watched her become more confident as she finally did things for herself, not because it was expected of her!  I really hope she can take a chance on Jasper.

Megan gives us a fun, hot romance with Tempt Me Cowboy.  It was really fun to be introduced to Marietta, Montana.   Through Megan's descriptive's I could really see Copper Mountain in my mind, feel the wind on my face, and hear Jasper's drawl!  Jasper and Chelsea are both strong characters, and I'm really hoping we'll catch glimpses of them in future books in this series!  Tempt Me Cowboy was a quick read, and the length was perfect for Jasper and Chelsea's story with smoothly written script, love, and laughter!

5/5 stars

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