Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In Secrets and Sins: Malachim by Naima Simone, Malachim is in danger of losing not only his law practice, but his license, after a decades old secret is revealed.  When Danielle Warren applies for one of the jobs he's had difficulty filling because of his troubles, Malachim senses she is not who she seems to be...he senses secrets and a past he can relate to.

Danielle fled an abusive husband, changing her name, changing who she is.   A job at Malachim's law firm as a para legal is just what she wants and needs to start moving forward again.   From the moment she sees Malachim though, she feels things she has no business feeling..."The zooming-too-fast-down-a-hill sensation in her belly labeled him a danger - a danger to be avoided at all costs."  Danielle doesn't want to trust Malachim, but she will have to trust someone.

When danger lurks and people Danielle care about start being hurt, Danielle feels like the nightmare is starting all over again.  Her ex-husband is out of prison and after her, all Danielle can think to do is run and disappear again.  But she is tired of running and letting her ex win...and some things and some people just might be worth fighting for.  Can Danielle trust in Malachim and their feelings towards each other?  Or is it too late as her past creeps closer and closer?

Danielle and Malachim have pasts that can do them and those around them damage.  Malachim has come clean about his, and right or wrong he is now suffering the consequences.  He also has to deal with the cold, angry man he's called father his whole life who has had nothing but contempt towards Malachim.  Malachim can't ignore his feelings for Danielle though, and right or wrong, he wants to be with her and protect her.  I found Malachim really easy to like and feel for.  While I felt for Danielle - she has had a horrible life experience so far and never felt loved...I could not understand why she continued to keep her secret when they were so obviously affecting those around her.  She needs to dig deep and find the strength to fight before it's too late...she can't run forever.

Both Malachim and Danielle were great characters that worked well together.  They were similar enough and yet at the same time worlds apart.   I think they are two people struggling to find their way in the world, and I found myself really hoping they'd find it together.

Naimi gives us a fast paced, dangerous and thrilling journey of personal growth and romance in Secrets and Sins.  I got through Secrets and Sins really fast because I could not put it down!  Naimi really made me feel a variety of emotions for the general plot and for the characters, really bringing Secrets and Sins to life.  Naimi's descriptions, while graphic at times, were so realistic.

I did not read the first book in this series, but Naimi gave enough background so that I knew what was going on.

4/5 stars

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