Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Hero

Welcome back to Thunder Point! The Hero is book 3 in this series, and it's a winner!

In The Hero by Robyn Carr we not only meet new people, we continue with the people we've already met. Spencer has just moved to Thunder Point with his son Austin. Who is also Cooper's son that he never knew about. Spencer and Cooper have a remarkably good relationship, both of them loving Austin. But Spencer is lonely. His wife was sick for a few years before she died, and slowly the woman he married no longer was. As much as he loves her and misses her, Spencer is lonely. 

Devon and her daugher Mercy arrive unexpectedly and somewhat mysteriously in Thunder Point, alone with shattered illusions and dreams...and afraid. She finds shelter and help from Rawley, a Vietnam Vet who is used to being on his own. Slowly Devon finds herself again and starts to feel secure. The last thing she wants or is looking for is a relationship...but that's exactly what she finds in Spencer. They take it slow, both of them need a friend too, but there is no denying the attraction between them. But Spencer has lost more than his wife lately, and soon is feeling overwhelmed. Not just by his relationship with Devon, but by everything. Is he as ready to move on with Devon as he thought? At the risk of hurting and losing Devon, Spencer needs some time. When Devon's past catches up with her and Mercy though, Spencer just might realize what he stands to lose now. Can they heal each other and move on, or is it too late?

I loved The Hero! Once again Robyn gives us realistic characters that are easy to relate to. People you'd want to hang out with! A place you'd love to live! She manages to write about feelings and situations that bring the characters to life like they're sitting right next to you. I loved all of the characters in The Hero, but I think Rawley is one of my favorites. He is way more than most people give him credit for, in his silent way, and Devon and Mercy really manage to get into his heart. When the going gets tough you know he is someone you can count on. All of the characters in The Hero, actually the whole series, are refreshingly mature, dealing with adult situations in a realistic and honest manner. I love this!

I highly recommend The Hero and this series, you won't be disappointed. Robyn writes a romance that will have you staying up way too late!

5/5 stars

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