Monday, September 23, 2013

Marry Me, Cowboy

Not only do I love the stories of The Cooper Mountain Rodeo novellas, but I absolutely am loving the covers!

In Marry Me, Cowboy by Lilian Darcy, Tegan makes the rodeo circuits barrel racing.  Originally from Australia and her visa about to expire, Tegan is all set to marry her fellow rodeo rider Chet so that she can stay in the country.  There is no romance involved, it is pure practicality.  So when Chet suddenly calls off the wedding (at the wedding!), Tegan is not heart broken, but disappointed...she's not ready to go back to Australia yet.  She'd like nothing more to blame Chet's good friend Jamie for that fiasco!

As far as Tegan can tell, her and Jamie are complete opposites with nothing in common.  They only seem to antagonize each other.  Tegan is flashy, likes to talk, and not at all the kind of woman Jamie wants to be with.  When he finds himself offering spur of the moment to marry Tegan so she can stay in the country, neither of them really take his offer seriously.  Both of them choose to ignore the little sparks the other can set off.  But when Chet comes clean with his secret, Tegan sees a whole new side of she just might like.  They've known each other for almost two years, but just now, while in Marieta,  they are suddenly spending more and more time together.  Both of them have pasts, hurts and issues they struggle with, things they want to do.   They just might have way more in common than either of them thinks, and maybe being together will be more than either of them thought possible!

Marry Me, Cowboy is another fun romance in The Cooper Mountain Rodeo series.  I loved being back in Marieta.  Tegan and Jamie are both people you can relate to, and the way they come together shows that sometimes facing the past is the only way to move forward.  I liked the way they were able to get past their perceived differences and finally talk to each other!  They are a bit younger than what I usually like to read about, but they are strong enough characters that I really enjoyed them!  Marry Me, Cowboy is a great example of how many times there is way more to a person than you first think, and if you go a bit deeper you might like what you find!  Lilian managed to draw me in quickly to Tegan and Jamie's story and keep me there, not only for them but for the secondary characters also - more people that I wouldn't mind finding out more about, really letting your imagination take you where you want them to go!  

If you haven't read Tempt Me, Cowboy (the first book in the series), Marry Me, Cowboy can certainly be read as a stand alone novella.  I highly recommend reading them both though!

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