Monday, September 23, 2013

Sweet Treason

In Sweet Treason by Gail Ranstrom, the year is 1779, the American Revolutionary War is going on, and Emily is at the family estate in Oak Hills, England, struggling to keep it going and find the money to do so.  If she can make it a few more months she will inherit free and clear, and she will resort to almost anything to make sure she doesn't lose the estate.

When an American 'spy' (Ryan) shows up in her home and Emily doesn't out him to the soldiers who come knocking, Ryan convinces her that if she says anything now, she will be implicated as a co conspirator.  Even with a heat and attraction to him that is fully unexpected, Emily is glad to see the back of him.  She has her own secrets to protect, she does not want to risk being assocaited with a traitor!

Forced to go to London by the trustee of the family estate, who Emily does not trust one bit but she is determined to figure out his ulterior motive, Emily starts running into Ryan more and more.  Coincidence or something more?  Emily does not want to trust the spy, but the desire they feel for each other can't be denied.  Emily knows Ryan won't be staying around, but she can no longer resist him or how he makes her feel.    She takes big chances to be with him.  Not only could her heart be broken when he leaves, but the secrets they both harbor could end up harming them.  With the war going on, clandesine meetings, unexpected and frightening happenings, Ryan and Emily are going to have to trust someone.  Can they trust each other?  Are they really that different?  And what could possibly become of them?

I have to admit I don't read a lot of historical romance books, but I am so glad I read Sweet Treason!  I loved it!!!  Emily was such a strong woman, especially for the era Sweet Treason took place in.  She was not going to sit quietly for anything or anyone and I loved that about her.  She is so busy taking care of everyone else though, who will take care of Emily?  I really enjoyed the relationship between her and Ryan, and seeing it evolve.  Ryan played tough, but when it came to Emily he definitely has a soft spot!  He is standing up for what he believes in...and they might not be as different as they think.

Gail's descriptives are so well written that I could feel the cool air and smell the salt water...see the busy streets, and be at the parties.  All of the characters were well written and came together nicely to pull you into the story.  I loved it too because even though it was hundreds of years ago, feelings are the same no matter what century and those are what makes you relate to the characters, especially Emily

I am so glad I read Sweet Treason and recommend it to any romance reader, especially if you like historical romance, intrigue, and heat!

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