Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Newcomer

The Newcomer by Robyn Carr is book 2 of the Thunder Point Novels, and I love it there!

In The Newcomer by Robyn Carr, we are taken back to Thunder Point and the great mix of people who live there. Although there are many characters in The Newcomer, the plot focuses on two relationships. 

Sarah and Cooper, who we met in The Wanderer, continue their relationship, and it is still not a for sure thing! Cooper was never one to settle down, but now it looks like he's doing just that between his beach bar and relationship with Sarah. Sarah is still relationship shy after her divorce. She not only has herself to think about, but her high school age brother Landon who she is raising. Just when things seem to be settling down and they start enjoying a true relationship together, both of them have to deal with unexpected surprises. These surprises have the power to test their growing relationship and their trust in each other. Can their relationship survive what the past has brought and the future might bring? 

The Newcomer also brings us deeper into the relationship of Mac and Gina, and all the complexities of that! Mac and Gina have been circling each other for years. Their daughters are best friends, and Mac and Gina are good friends. But Gina has always felt way more than friendship for Mac, and at the end of book one (The Wanderer) she is ready to throw in the towel on that idea, because Mac was just not getting it! By the time we see them again in The Newcomer, they are in a comfortable and happy relationship. They both have pasts that have made moving forward difficult. Gina was a single, teenage mother at a time when few were, and Mac's wife left him and their 3 children, never looking back. The stronger their relationship becomes, the more obstacles are getting thrown up at them, potentially coming between them and taking them away from each other. With unexpected events and people from the past showing up, will Mac and Gina ever get their happily ever after?

I loved this visit back to Thunder Point! Robyn brings her characters to life and writes about real life events that any romance reader can relate to, whether it be teenage pregnancy, divorce, depression, complicated relationships, and of course love! I loved all the characters in The Newcomer, I got a real small town feel when I read The Newcomer and started really looking forward to what would come next for who. Robyn describes Thunder Point so great, I could feel myself out there on a paddle board and smell the ocean mist.

Robyn will manage to surprise you with what happens next, and I love the maturity of all of the characters and how they handle what comes there way. It is so nice to read about characters who are a bit more mature without a lot of relationship drama, who are open and honest with each other. 

I highly recommend this series!

5/5 stars

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