Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tin Angel

"...she realized that was one of old age's cruelest tricks.  While on the outside she had grayed and withered, inside she still felt twenty-five."

What would you do if you had a second chance at life and love?

In Tin Angel by Raine English, Alice has spent most of her adult life isolated and mourning the loss of her fiancee during the World War.  She has never moved on from this loss, never allowing herself to love again or to be really happy again.

At Christmas time, a Christmas Alice believes will likely be her last, she feels regret for the way she's lived, and the chances she's missed.  She wishes she could have that love, she wishes so much to have done things differently.

When in a miraculous turn of events the Tin Angel given to her by her deceased fiance comes to life and grants her her wish, Alice only has 10 days to find true love or her time on earth will be over.  Alice turns herself into Ally, Alice's niece. 

When Jack, the tenant above Alice, first sees Ally, he is filled with suspicion about who she is and what her motives are.  And most of all, just where did Alice suddenly go?  Jack, jaded by bad experiences with relationships, decides he will find out exactly what is going on.  Soon Ally and Jack are spending a lot of time together...what starts out for Jack as keeping an eye on Ally and finding out about Alice, soon turns into spending time with a woman he is very attracted to.  She has so many of the characteristics he values in a woman...kind of old fashioned like Alice.

Even when she was Alice, Ally noticed Jack and all the good things about him.  Now she is finding more and more to like about him as they spend time together.  Ally is experiencing things she's never felt or done before, and she can't believe what she missed out on!  But even with their growing feelings towards each other, Jack feels like Ally is not being totally honest with him.  And between grifters, and ex girlfriend, and Alice's 10 days quickly running out...will Ally have her true love and get her redo, or is it just too late?

I really enjoyed reading Alice/Ally's story!!  Raine takes the reader to a place we probably all at one point wish for...a chance to do something differently - whether big or small.  Tin Angel was at times funny, sad, loving and sexy.  Raine gives us a perfect blend of this in Tin Angel.  I really felt for Alice, I really wanted her to find true love before it was all too late for her.

The length of Tin Angel fit very well with the story line.  The characters and their relationships developed quickly, there was never a dull moment!  Raine makes the whole story even better by adding a little mystery/suspense to it...which further helps the character development of Ally and Jack as they both have to deal with the unexpected.

Tin Angel by Raine English is a sweet, feel good romance that I will recommend to any romance reader who likes a little paranormal in the mix! :)  I will definitely be reading more of Raine's books.

4/5 stars

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