Saturday, October 5, 2013

Christmas at Angel Lake

Christmas at Angel Lake by Edie Ramer not only has a gorgeous cover, but it is another great romance by Edie!

Maddie is broke, homeless, single and pregnant.  She is on her way to stay at her sister's while she regroups, but instead thanks to a little kitten that comes out of no where in the snow, her car ends up in the ditch.  Maddie's car has come to a halt at the end of a driveway of a house that hasn't been lived in for 4 years.  Coincidence or fate?  When Alma, one of the caretakers of the house happens by and assumes Maddie is there to live in the house, Maddie doesn't correct her.  For 5 years Maddie and her son live in the old, Christmasy house in the town she has come to love.  Through the years Maddie has put aside money to give to the owner, as well as helped others in need, to give back what she's taken.

When Logan, who inherited the house from his Grandma, shows up and finds this stranger living in his house, before he can get angry and kick Maddie out, or worse, call the police, he finds himself intrigued and entertained by her.  Logan is a screenwriter who is getting over the loss of his 'dark queen' who left him for another man.  His intention was to hole up and try to write - alone.  But he agrees to let Maddie and her son stay, on one condition.  Maddie has to tell Logan a story each night...and Logan thinks Maddie just might be his new muse.

Logan has lost part of himself, not to mention his writing over the last few years, something he comes to realize clearer and clearer as he spends more time with Maddie.  He also feels an undeniable attraction to Maddie, something that Logan knows is a bad idea...Maddie is attracted to Logan also, but with her son in the house she needs to keep things under control.  For the last 5 years though, no man has made her feel the way Logan does.  Through her stories she has told him more about herself than most people, and she also makes him see himself through her stories.  But will Logan ever really be over his "dark queen"?  Can Maddie compete with her?  Does she want to, when it's not only her heart at stake but her son's too?

Interwoven throughout Christmas at Angel Lake is the story of Dog, who is searching for his human.  Dog's story and his emotions are just as heart stopping, if not more so, as Logan and Maddie's story.  I loved Dog, and as much as I wanted Maddie and Logan to work out, I really wanted Dog to find his human!

Edie Ramer has done it again with Christmas at Angel Lake!  She weaves a magical love story with just enough mix of reality and fairy tale to make it believable.  But who knows, maybe we all do have a fairy godmother, and maybe Dog's do think like that! :)  Edie's plots are always unique, but adding in the animals just makes it more so.

I loved Logan and Maddie, they were both great characters and watching them come together was fascinating!  The way they poked at each other, yet deep down understood each other made them real people.  Their life realities may be different, but inside they are more similar than they think.  They are both strong characters, but I honestly feel like Maddie is the stronger one in Christmas at Angel Lake.  This might be because she couldn't run and hide when the going got tough, whereas Logan really did want to hide out - but Maddie didn't give him a chance to!

I also loved Maddie's stories to Logan each night...a fun mix of children's stories and reality.  Both hers and his!

I easily lost myself in Christmas at Angel Lake and admit to staying up way to late reading it!  It is a light hearted romance with just enough drama to keep things spicy!  Christmas at Angel Lake is a story of love, dreams, hope and lots of laughter!  I love it when a book can make me laugh...because laughing is part of loving and living, which is what Logan is learning to do again too.

I highly recommend this and all of Edie's books!  This is book #2 of Edie's Rescued Hearts books, but it is a definite stand alone (but I'd highly recommend reading the first one too because it's just as great!!).


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  2. Sue, thanks so much for your great review. I'm so glad that you loved it!

  3. Can't wait for more from you, Edie! :)